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The BSILMC is the heart of our school’s community and curriculum. It is a cozy and safe place for students who wish to partake in independent reading, engage in small group discussions, large group learning inquiries or simply relaxation through game-based learning. In this shared environment, students from Early Learning, Elementary School, and Secondary school are provided with resources in support of the IBO World School as well as Leader in Me program. Resources are available to use on an as need basis for the student, staff, as well as parents.

Our Teacher Librarian, Mrs. Marie Jones, works in collaboration with teachers, students and staff to provide books and online resources that will support our curriculum and the pursuit of learning.

Benefits of Having a Teacher Librarian

What do we offer?

* Our growing collection consists of 2500 books including fiction, non-fiction, and audio books.

* We are subscribed to a variety of journals and magazines online publications.

* Our media center has a printing station housed with 4 desktops computers and 45 laptops available for students to access online subscriptions like Think Central, TBox, Santillana for homework, and school related internet research.

* There are comfortable seating arrangements for preschoolers and primary grades with a carpeted area for read-aloud, quiet reading, and relaxation.

* Students have the opportunity for book exchange throughout the day during recess, after school, or a scheduled library class. Other times, a library pass will be required from the classroom teacher.

Need to view our collection?

You can access to our online library catalog by clicking on the link below. You must create an account to reserve a book online.


We are located passed the accounting window on the left side of the main corridor.

Library Hours

Monday - Friday : 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

Lunch : 12:30 pm

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