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Welcome to the Boston Public Schools English Language Arts and Literacy webpage. Here, you will find resources to support English language arts and literacy instruction across grades K-12. If you are interested in research and evidenced-based professional resources to support facilitating reading, speaking and listening, language, and strategies for writing across text types, you can find them here.

Below are the guiding principles of the Boston Public Schools Department of English Language Arts and Literacy.

The Boston Public Schools seeks to provide a rigorous standards-based English curriculum that supports students in uncovering disciplinary ways of reading and writing through research and evidenced-based instructional practices that are motivating and engaging. Experienced readers in English focus on characters, interactions, context, scene, language, sensory details, perspectives, themes, questions, images, sensory traces, and predict outcomes based on evidence.

An effective English language arts and literacy curriculum:

· Holds high expectations for all students

· Builds on the language, experiences, knowledge, and interest that students bring to school

· Develops students’ oral language and literacy through appropriately challenging learning

· Provides explicit skill instruction in reading and writing

· Draws on literature to develop students literary understanding of their own literary heritage and culture

· Draws on informational texts and multimedia to build academic vocabulary and strong content knowledge

· Emphasizes writing arguments, explanatory/informative texts, and narratives

· Develops thinking and language through interactive learning

· Reaches out to families and communities to sustain a literate society

Spotlight on Research and Evidence:

Visible Learning, John Hattie and Reciprocal Teaching, Effect Size .74

Let's focus our work in English language arts and literacy on moving from surface learning to deep knowledge by paying attention to effect size and our impact on learning. This link here will take you to a Google folder with information about Visible Learning, John Hattie, and reciprocal teaching.

The Summer Reading Together Initiative for 6th grade students. Charlie Numbers Fall Reading Guide:

The Summer Reading Together Initiative for 7th grade students. Please click for the Fall Assignment of Dear Bully: 70 Authors Tell Their Stories.

Charlie Numbers Fall Reading Guide

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