Teacher/Advisor Contact and Zoom Link Information

All teachers/advisors can always be reached through Jupiter Ed as well!

Get your schedule from the Bell Schedule tab!!! Click on your advisor's folder.

Ms. Mandelbaum

Humanities/11th Grade Advisor

Email: lmandebaum@bostongreenacademy.org

Phone: 617-686-7466

Zoom Link

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Ms. Smoak

Chemistry/11th Grade Advisor

Email: csmoak@bostongreenacademy.org

Phone: 912-658-4583

Zoom Link

Set up an individual check-in HERE

Dr. Van

ELA/11th Grade Advisor

Email: avan@bostongreenacademy.org

Phone: 617-319-6018

Zoom Link

Meeting appointment: create here

Ms. Wu

Advanced Algebra/11th Grade Advisor

Email: cwu@bostongreenacademy.org

Phone: 617-903-8809

Zoom Link

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Mr. Deckard

Media Literacy

Email: rdeckard@bostongreenacademy.org

Phone: 617-651-7660

Zoom Link

Mr. Donnelly

CTE/11th Grade Advisor

Ms. Graham

Resource Room

Email: cgraham@bostongreenacademy.org

Phone: 857-547-8040

Check your email for Graham's Zoom Link

Mr. Holzer

11th Grade Advisor

Email: mholzer@bostongreenacademy.org

Phone: 857-210-5261

Zoom Link

Mr. Jacob

Maker Space/11th Grade Advisor

Email: rjacob@bostongreenacademy.org

Phone: 617-319-5894

Zoom Link

Ms. Lefkowitz


Email: mlefkowitz@bostongreenacademy.org

Zoom Link (password: ESL2021)

Ms. Morris

Mentor 2.0

Email: tmorris@bostongreenacademy.org

Phone: 814-598-0751

Zoom Link

Mr. Nibberich


Email: jnibberich@bostongreenacademy.org

Phone: ‪857-540-5180‬

Zoom Link

Ms. Nieves


Email: snieves@bostongreenacademy.org

Phone: 617-453-8163

Zoom Link

Ms. Rangel

AP Language

Email: crangel@bostongreenacademy.org

Phone: 617-905-1429

Zoom Link


11th Grade Advisor

Email: rloving@bostongreenacademy.org

Phone: 617-970-7175

Zoom Link

Mr. Seaforth

11th Grade Advisor

Ms. Then

Guidance Counselor/College and Career

Email: jthen@bostongreenacademy.org

Phone: 617-903-7989

Zoom Link

Ms. Theo

Biomedical Science

Mr. Vorce

AP Environmental Science

Email: jvorce@bostongreenacademy.org

Phone: 978-895-1778

Zoom Link

Ms. Zeng


Email: jzeng@bostongreenacademy.org

Office Hours Wednesdays from 8:30-10:30. Zoom Link