No mode of student appearance shall be considered proper for a school that detracts from or disrupts the classroom and/or the school decorum. The principal/principal’s designee of Airline High School shall make the final decision of what is considered proper or improper appearance. Any substantial complaint concerning the student dress code shall be dealt with by the school building administration.

Habitual offenders will face consequences as determined by the administration.

TOPS: Navy, light blue (no turquoise), or white polo shirts; white or light blue button-down shirts and the official Airline “A” uniform “T” shirt that is sold at school are appropriate uniform tops. School approved spirit shirts may be worn on Friday or a principal designated “spirit day.” P.E. “T” shirts are NOT spirit shirts. In addition, button-down shirts will be properly buttoned and tucked in at all times. Wearing of an undershirt is allowed as long as it is white, gray, light blue or navy.

BOTTOMS: Navy or khaki pants, shorts, capris, or skirts (solid-colored and uniform length all the way around) for girls are appropriate uniform bottoms (however, no lacy or ruffled skirts are allowed). Khaki shorts or pants that are considered ‘skinny,’ too tight, or spandex will not be allowed.

OUTERWEAR—All students will be in a navy jacket or coat with a navy or gray lining. No other coloring will be allowed on the outerwear. Floor length coats and starter jackets are not allowed. Sweatshirts and sweaters that are waist length will be allowed as long as there is no logo or other color. School letter jackets are allowed as well as school spirit sweatshirts. If a student does not have a navy coat, the school will make every attempt to help obtain one as long as proof of need is given. No outerwear is allowed under school shirts. NO HOODIES OF ANY TYPE WILL BE ALLOWED. Improper jackets will be confiscated and returned to the student at the end of the day.

All uniforms must be worn in the manner meant by the manufacturer. Clothing cannot be mutilated, torn, ripped or cut, including the hems. NO OVERSIZING or UNDERSIZING OF CLOTHING; students must be in attendance in a neat fashion with pants worn at the natural waist and adhere to the following guidelines:

Uniform length: Skirts, dresses, and shorts must be no shorter than six inches from the top of knee cap. Shorts must not be any longer than the exact bottom of the kneecap. Pants must not drag on the floor.

Belts: Belts must be worn with all clothing designed for belts. Belt loops cannot be removed from clothing designed to have loops. The belt must fit into all loops and must be buckled at all times. No part of the belt may be hanging from the pant. Belts are to be worn correctly and are not to be excessive of design or color. OVERSIZED BELT BUCKLES WILL NOT BE PERMITTED.

Shoes and Socks: Shoes must be worn at all times. SHOES considered hazardous will not be allowed and include but are not limited to: rubber flip-flops, beach or pool shoes, or house shoes. Dress sandals are appropriate for male and female students and can be worn without socks. Leggings, leotards, and hosiery must be solid navy or white (no designs are allowed).

Headwear: Caps, hats, bandanas, stocking caps, bonnets, pocket towels, head wraps, beanies, skull caps, and other forms of headwear are not permitted on the campus during school hours for either male or female students. Students are allowed to wear headbands not to exceed 2” in width. The administration will use good judgment on cold days as to whether headwear can be worn outside the buildings. Headwear that is not approved will be confiscated and kept until the end of the school day. NO TYPE OF HEADWEAR WILL BE WORN INSIDE THE BUILDING.

Spirit Day: Spirit day is on Fridays only. On this day, students may wear approved Airline High School organization shirts. T-shirts from tournaments (non-Airline) and other events are not allowed. The P.E. issued shirt is not a spirit shirt. The Airline school-approved uniform T-shirt may be worn any day of the week.

Apparel/Jewelry: Items that detract from the instructional program or present a safety hazard are not allowed. Pierced earrings are acceptable as long as the number is reasonable, the style is in good taste, and dress code guidelines are met. Only a clear plug or a small stud will be allowed in the nose. Nose hoops or loops, distracting studs, or nose septum jewelry will not be allowed. NO OTHER FORM OF BODYPIERCING (i.e. lips, eyelids, tongue, or other body parts) WILL BE ALLOWED BY ANY STUDENT.

Additionally, students will adhere to the following dress code rules:

1. Each student will be issued (supplied) an ID that must be in his/her possession at all times while on campus. The student MUST be able to produce this ID upon request by any school personnel at any time. The student is required to wear a temporary ID if the official ID is left at home, lost, or misplaced. Temporary ID’s are sold in the library for $1 per day. Replacement ID’s are also sold in the library for $5. Student MUST carry the school ID on his/her person at all times.

2. Offensive tattoos will be covered by clothing or bandage.

3. Any personal grooming representative of gang membership, drug or alcohol use, racial discrimination, or grooming deemed offensive will not be allowed. This includes use of hair coloring such as blue, green, red, etc. and extreme hair styles (to include mohawks or designs cut into the hair) as well as eyebrow “cutting or slashing.” Your natural hair color is expected.

4. Sunglasses are allowed outside but not in hallways or classrooms.

5. Blankets are not allowed on campus.

The administration has the sole authority in determining appropriate or inappropriate attire or appearance.