Early Childhood Education

Teacher: Becky Trammel

Classroom phone number: 318-759-2316

email: becky.trammel@bossierschools.org


Early childhood education is an occupational field in which opportunities for employment exist for various levels of competency. An introduction to child development and knowledge of caring for children may prove invaluable to students in their personal life, as well as in gaining part-time or full-time employment. Students pursuing a career in elementary education are encouraged to enroll. This program is designed to prepare students to assist in the learning activities, social development, and daily living activities of young children. The class emphasizes appropriate behavior, communication and socialization skills, pre-academics, and health concerns. Students will be offered the opportunity to prepare for entry-level employment in child care centers. Early childhood students will be given an introduction to the CLASS tool, which is currently used for assessment in child care, Head Start, and public school preschools.

Early Childhood Education I (2 credits) consists of two nine-week sessions. During the first nine weeks, students will be in a regular classroom setting. During the second nine weeks, students will be assigned to an elementary classroom four days of the week to assist the teacher and to work directly with preschool children. Early Childhood II (2 credits) offers a more intense study of child development and guidance principles, as well as more time work directly with preschool children.

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