P.E. Rocks !!

What is happening in the gym:

Welcome Back

All grades will be going over the rules of the gym and the safety procedures. When we finish:

  • 3rd will be taking fitness testing.
  • Kindergarten will work on basic skills- hopping, skipping, jumping, galloping, and sliding.

Contact Information

Mrs. Lowrey


Ms. Webb



  • 318-549-7012

Items to be tested

None at this time.

About Me

I went to LSUS and have a BS in Health and Physical Education for kindergarten to 12th grade. I have been teaching 27 1/2 years with 27 of that at Sun City Elementary. I am married and have 2 children, one married. I have 2 grandchildren. I live on a small farm in Elm Grove called "Ken's Little Kids". We have horses, dairy goats, chickens, dogs and a cat.


If you child is sick and can't play in PE please please please send a note!!

Running Club

Ms. Straub heads up running club. See the running club page for more information. Running club is Wednesday after school until 4:00. Please be on time to pick up your child.

If your child is sick and cannot play in PE they may not attend running club.


Please wear good shoes to school on your PE days.


I don't tie shoes after Christmas.

Family Fitness Fun

Family Fitness Fun is an exercise program students do at home. Staying active is an important part of everyday life and it needs to established as a habit that will follow students throughout life. Basically, 30 minutes of non-stop activity counts as 1 mile. Practice such as soccer, basketball, etc., is a start stop activity so practice and games count as 1 mile. Random outside playing does not count because it is start stop. We are looking for constant exercise for an extended time. Fill in the chart and return it to school once you have 3 miles recorded to start then every 5 miles after that. If you need to write on the back of the page you can. If you lost your page just write it on any paper and send it in.


    • riding bike 20 minutes
    • riding bike 2 mile 2 miles
    • walking the dog 30 minutes
    • football 1 mile
    • cheer 1 mile
    • soccer game 1 mile
    • soccer shots 1 mile
    • tumbling 1 mile
    • 25 sit ups 1/4 mile
    • walking 1 mile 1 mile

Community Opportunities

Bossier Parks and Recreation