Military Family Support

Enrollment: When students enroll at Stockwell Place, they will be given a buddy upon enrollment into a class. This student will meet your child in the office and escort them to their classroom giving them an immediate connection to a peer. Parents will receive a welcome packet which includes information about Stockwell Place.

Buddy Bench: The local Boy Scout troop constructed this Buddy Bench so students who needed a ‘buddy’ to play with during recess could find a ‘buddy’. The Buddy Bench is being demonstrated by a member of The Be Kind Crew and 2 nd grade students.

Hail and Farewell Parties: These parties will be held between the months of October and April. Students who are new to Stockwell will receive a TROT shirt. Students who are moving out of state will receive a Louisiana book signed by their classmates. Please fill out the form located on the Parent’s Corner to notify us of hails and farewells.


Deployment can be very difficult time in the life of a child. Please let us know of a deployment by filling out the Deployed Parent Form. These children will receive special counseling and a deployment care package.


Students of military families who are in 3rd-5th grades are eligible to participate in the military child support groups. These groups meet twice a month to give them an opportunity to make a connection with other military children their age at Stockwell Place.

DoDEA Grants In Action