Our Little Heros

Welcome to Apollo!

We are honored to provide opportunities for our military students to gather, share stories about their lives as military children, and provide support for each other through relationships they build.  We work to reach our military students through the Apollo Military Club, Student 2 Student (S2S) program, and provide services through our MFLC counselor.  

Our military club meets once a month for a breakfast organized by the sponsors, who are all part of military families themselves.  We also have a MFLC counselor, Ms. Susan, who meets with our military students once a week to further form the bond among these students by playing games, discussing upcoming moves or deployments in their family, and sometimes eating lunch.  Lastly, we are happy to provide student ambassadors that help new military students transition to Apollo.

During the school year, we enjoy celebrating our Veterans with a Veterans Day Program.  We have many veterans that are related to our students who visit Apollo where we provide a breakfast and thank them for their service to our country.  We also celebrate our military students in April, which is designated as Month of the Military Child.


Bossier Schools Supervisor of Special Programsholly.george@bossierschools.org