Teacher name : Susan Graham

Class Phone Number: 318-759-2937


Class Documents


P.M class- Spring 2018

A.M. class- Spring 2018

Learning the parts of the shears and about different combs, brushes and other implements used in the barbershop.

Students learning how to do a blunt cut.

This week students are learning the parts of the clippers, the clipper blades and the parts of the straight razor. Some of the blades used in our class are as follows:

starting with the blade that cuts the closest







3 1/2

We will start using our clippers doing fades and other haircuts, using the blades listed.

Jordan Myles doing a fade on his manikin.

Students working on clipper cuts

Barber II student Cort Poole instructing on the taper haircut

Barber II & Barber III learning how to process a Perm

Barber I students learning how to braid...At this point they have not gotten their Student Licenses yet, so can only practice on their braiding skills.

Barber III student Cort Poole helping Barber II student Jazmin Moya on the taper hair cut.

Barber II student Jazmin Moya with Barber III student Cort Poole

Barber II student Savannah Allen styling her manikin.

Barber II student Chavia Brown working on her manikin.

Barber II student Jazmin Moya completed this manikin style.

New Students will get Barber Smocks and Student Licenses today!!

New Barber Class-- Fall 2018

Received their Barber Student Licenses

and Barber Smocks

Paper Bag Challenge...Students were given a paperbag with 7 things in it. Their assignment was to "Create" a hairstyle using all 7 items in their bag....

1st Place Winner- Ms. Fujimoto

3rd Place Winner- Ms. Davis

2nd Place Winner- Ms. Adley

4th Place winner- Ms. Frost

Mrs. Spillers with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of the creative Paper Bag Hairstyle.. Lanaiya Fujimoto, Aniaya Adley, Kayla Davis

Barber III Student Cort Poole, with a client from Holmes Honda.

Barber III student Cort Poole doing a fade.... before and after

This week the Barber Students are learning about Infection Control and and the spreading of germs. The Barber students and Culinary students collaborated on the germs we have on our hands and how easily germs are spread from one person to another. We used a special powder on our hands and then used a black light to see exactly where the germs were. After we washed our hands thoroughly, we used the Black light again to see where the germs still lingered.

Barber II and Barber III students got a chance to give back to the community by giving haircuts to some of the students at Bossier Elementary..Barber II students are Savannah Allen, Chaivia Brown and Jazmin Moya. Barber III student is Cort Poole.

Students have been learning about Infection Control in the barbershop and how important this is to not only us, but keeping our clients safe. We went into the barbershop and put our knowledge about germs and disinfection to good use. We thoroughly and effectively disinfected everything in the barbershop, including light switches to tools, equipment, furniture and more.

Kayla Davis disinfecting the barber chair.

T.J. disinfecting the barber chair while Kourtney Frost disinfects the work station.

Students cleaning and disinfecting our tools, equipment, and furniture in the barbershop.

Elexus Mitchell disinfecting the trollies that holds equipement.

Emily Carr disinfecting the barber chair.

JaBraylon Brown disinfecting the clippers.

Airrielle Ellis disinfecting the trolley and work area.

Madison Colllins disinfecting the work station.

Raeven Bullock disinfecting and oiling our shears.

JaBraylon Brown disinfecting clippers.

Kourtney Frost disinfecting the cords on the clippers.

Students cleaning and disinfecting tools, equipment, implements, furniture and more in the Barbershop. Infection Control in the barbershop is extremely important in keeping our clients as well as ourselves safe.

Field trip to VH Academy in Bossier City. Savannah Allen, Chaivia Brown and Jazmin Moya look on as Mr. Harris teaches one of his students, the taper cut.

Spring 2019

Before, During and After

Paper Bag Challenge

2019 Barber I students: Creativity with the Paper Bag Challenge

Students were given a paper bag with 7 items in it...They were asked to put a 7 items in the manikin's head and create a style.

Barber I students learning the Blunt Cut

Spring 2019- Barber I Students