EGMS Mathcounts

Coach: Lindsey Jackson


Contact: (318) 759-2490

What is Mathcounts?

Mathcounts is a club dedicated to making math fun and engaging. It is a a place where students, with all ability levels, can meet to encourage each other, build their confidence in math, and practice their problem solving skills.

Did we mention competitions? We have competition teams. At the district level, these teams compete with neighboring schools. From there, they can advance to regional, state, and even national levels. You can also enter the competition as an individual.

How do I join?

Joining Mathcounts is easy! Just fill out the Mathcounts application Google Form to the right. We encourage all EGMS students from any grade or ability level to apply.

Mathcounts practice will be held every Thursday from 2:30-4:00 in Ms. Jackson's classroom (room 54).

How do I practice?

To practice your skills and get a taste of competition questions, go to the Art of Problem Solving website. To login, use the following username and password.

Username: EGMSMathcounts

Password: EGMSchicken