Pep squad

Co-Sponsor: Amber Craft

Co-Sponsor: Shannon Nugent



Pep Squad Captains:

Gabi Fugate

Josie Eubanks

Karlie Crumpler

Lily Rossini

Makenzie Chase

Olivia Wren-Clifton


  • White bow must be worn with uniform.
  • Full uniform must be worn on game days, unless a sponsor says otherwise, meaning: top, skirt, bloomers, white bow, white socks, white shoes and hair pulled back away from face.
  • No big earrings are to be worn with your uniform.
  • Have pom poms at all games and pep rallies!
  • Do not leave games early without permission from Mrs. Craft or Mrs. Nugent.
  • Have fun and cheer LOUD!
  • Please review the cheers before each game.

* Also we need your child's Medical Emergency Consent Form, that they received at camp, turned in, if you have not already.

Copy of Christmas pajama party