Color Guard

Please wait on order. I have had people contact me about HIGH shipping cost which cost more than the equipment. I am going to call the company today to see what I can do to lower shipping costs!!!! I will update the list soon. Sorry if there were problems!

Flag pole: Aluminum, Sliver, 6 foot


Stoppers: White – YOU NEED 2!


Gloves: Tan


Flag Silk:


Rifle: Add black leather strap, black bolts, medium weight


Total: 78.85

This is a one time purchase and all the equipment is what the high school uses. All equipment is yours to keep. We will purchase a t-shirt once we have a set number of guard members. We will buy t-shirt at cost.

Interested in color guard, but not quite sure you want to commit.... We will have a try it out practice on September 5th right after school in the high school band room. No need to purchase equipment in case it isn't your thing! Practice will run till 5:00. hope to see you there!