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  • (We've Got The Beat) Tiger fans we've got the beat, Clap your hands and stomp your feet, Go..Benton, Go..Benton, Tiger fans let's hear it again, clap your hands, Yell tigers win, Tigers..Win, Tigers..Win, GO.. Benton, Tigers..Win
  • (Ready) The tigers are here, this is our year. So stop, and watch cause we have no fear. Purple gold and white, we're number one tonight, so stand on your feet, cause the tigers can't be beat.
  • (1-2-3-4) Hey fans, here we go, yell with us and spell it slow. B...B, M...M, S...S, B-M-S. Hey fans help us fight, yell our colors with all your might, Purple...and Gold, Purple...and Gold B-M-S, Purple and Gold
  • (Go-Fight-Win) Tigers* Get-on your feet! We'll start you out and you Repeat, B-M-S, * B-M-S! Tigers * One more Time! Yell the words, on the Signs! Go-Fight-Win, * Go-Fight-Win! C'mon Crowd, We're ALL IN! All together, Once AGAIN! B-M-S! Go-Fight-Win! (x3)


Keep It Up Yeah Keep it up, keep it up, Keep that Tiger spirit up! Keep it up, Yeah

Let's go Let's fight Let's Win Hey Hey! Let's GO, Hey Hey! let's fight, Hey Hey! Let's Win, Let's Go, Let's Fight, Let's win!

Purple and gold, Tigers! Let's roll

The real competition is- BMS! There's no competition, like the real competition and the real competition is- BMS!

The Tiger team is dynamite Explode! Ignite! The Tiger team is dynamite!

The Tigers are hot to go H-O-T-T-O-G-O, Tigers are hot-to-go, Ah-woo, hot-to-go, Ah-Woo, hot-to-go

Y-E-L-L everybody yell, everybody yell

You KNOW who's the best, so yell B-M-S!

You've Got too... move your body, hey-hey-hey-hey, Stomp your feet, WOOO! Shake it all over, AWWW YEAH! to the Tiger beat, Ahah, ahah! Move-Move-move your body, stomp-stomp-stomp your feet, shake-shake-shake your body, to the Tiger beat!

(All Around the Nation) All around the nation there's a BMS sensation, that will take your for a ride, and move you side to side

(All My Life) All My Life I wanna be a Tiger, work-work, baby, sweat-sweat

(A-TT-A-CK, Attack Attack Attack) A-TT-A-CK, the Tigers are back, A-TT-A-CK, To lead the Pack, A-TT-A-CK, Attack Attack Attack

(Big G, Little O, Go Go) Big G, Little O, Go! Go!

(Clap-Clap-Clap-Clap, Shake-Shake-Shake-Shake) Fans in the stands, Stand up and clap your hands, Clap-Clap-Clap-Clap, Shake-Shake-Shake-Shake

Come on Tigers Let's Up that Score, Six more, Six More XX, Come on Tigers Let's up That Score!

Defense Push 'em Back, Defense, Attack

Defense, Get tough, Hold that Line

Fight Fight Tonight, Fight Purple, Fight Gold, Fight fight Tonight

W-I-N, Fight to Win!

Hit 'em again, and 'em hard!

H-O-L-D, Hold that line H! XXXX O! XXXX L! XXX D! XXXX, H-O-L-D. Hold That Line

Hustle XX XX, Hustle, tigers, Hustle


  • (Take that ball to the hoop) Dribble.... shoot, shoot, take that ball to the hoop, hoop