Tiger Parent University

Charting the Course

Thursday, August 2nd

Optional Dinner begins at 5:00

Sessions available from 5:45 to 7:20pm

Why should you attend?

  • Feed your family and help fund a great cause - technology!
  • See a fashion show of appropriate school uniform attire.
  • Learn about the clubs and athletic opportunities available to students.
  • Find out from teachers what is expected from students in each grade and how that is different from the previous year.
  • Ask the counselors questions.
  • See demonstrations of how to use the Benton Middle School App, Illuminate, Google Classroom, the BMS website, and apps used to help students study for tests.
  • Learn about the Flex schedule and how the A/B days work.
  • Find out more about all Honors courses and Advanced Math options.

Parents can attend up to 5 sessions, in 15 minute increments, to learn about specific topics that relate to their child. Handouts will be provided at each session to reference throughout the year.

Read over the session descriptions below. Once you have decided on which 5 sessions you would like to attend, click the logo below to sign-up for the sessions.

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Charting your course toward excellence:

TPU Breakout sessions:

  • (1) 6th grade expectations session - Have you been wondering, “How is 6th grade different than 5th grade?”, “How can I best monitor and help my student with their school work?,” “What supplies does my child need to be successful throughout their 6th grade year?” All of these questions and more will be answered during this informational session to help the transitioning parent!

  • (2) 7th grade expectations session - You’ve survived your first year as a middle school parent, but there are still questions looming! This session provides information on expectations in 7th grade, how it is different from 6th grade, best practices parents can use to assist and monitor their children’s school work, as well as, the supplies and resources needed to be successful during the upcoming year.

  • (3) 8th grade expectations session - If this is your last year as a middle school parent, yet you are still anxious about 8th grade expectations, then this is the place for you! Here you will learn how 8th grade differs from 7th grade, how to assist and monitor your 8th grader’s school work and the supplies and resources needed to be a successful as possible during their last year of middle school.

  • (4) Honors Expectations - Concerned about the workload your Honors child might receive? Wondering how Honors classes differ from regular classes? This is the place for you! This session will discuss the high demands of Honors classes, as well as, Advanced Math classes throughout each grade level.

  • (5) Technology - Keep cool and stay up to date on what is happening at BMS. This session will introduce you to the various ways to stay on top of grades, assignments, and events taking place at BMS using tools like Illuminate, the BMS App, and Google Calendar.

  • (6) Google Classroom - With the ever increasing presence of technology in society, there are many innovative resources offered that are used in today’s classrooms. This session will introduce you to the different aspects of Google Classroom and how teachers and students will use it throughout the year.

  • (7) Office Policies and Procedures and Communication - Welcome to BMS, how can we help you? In order to keep the happiness flowing, there are a few resources and policies that you might find useful. Here you will learn how to access our school news broadcasts, our student procedures and expectations, A day/B day, and rules and regulations regarding dress code and student IDs. This session will provide insight into the differences in scheduling at the middle school and the integration of a 30 minute enrichment block into the daily schedule. What new opportunities will be available to every student in the coming year?

  • 8) Coaches’ Corner - Is your child interested in being a BMS athlete? In this session coaches will discuss what sports are available, grade requirements, tryout information, practice information, the designated game days, and other useful information. Come join us… Tiger Pride!

  • (9) CFA’s, RTI, Daily Enrichment - Remediation, enrichment, extra practice, oh my! This session is designed to provide insight and information regarding the use of Common Daily Formative Assessments to provide daily enrichment or remediation activities in EVERY classroom.

  • (10) Test / Retest, Study Hall - This session is intended to provide a better understanding of the school’s goals with the test/retest initiative and the student responsibility involved in the retest option. It will also introduce the Study Hall concept and how it will be used to enhance our students’ education.

  • (11)Technology resources - Middle school teachers utilize many different review methods inside and outside of the classroom. Here you will learn how to access and prepare for assessment using online resources such as Quizlet, Quizziz, Kahoot, etc. Personal technology is not required.

  • (12) Plugging in on Campus - Heard of Club Day? What’s that all about? Children thrive when they are involved in schools activities. In this session, you will learn about various club opportunities on campus for our monthly Club Day activities. We are committed to helping our students explore new ideas and opportunities to ensure all students have a place to belong.

  • (13) New to BMS? Need a refresher? - See last year’s policies and procedures to incorporate that session too...A day, B day?! What does that mean?

  • (14) PTO Session - Interested in becoming part of our learning environment? How do you become more involved at BMS. Throughout the school year, PTO will ask for your help with projects, but aren’t our children worth it! How much time you can, or choose to volunteer is entirely up to you, no pressure. At this session, you can sign up for BMS PTO, find out more about what we do and share your ideas for the upcoming school year.

  • (15) Social Development in Middle School (Counselor’s Session) - Your middle school student is navigating their way through the challenging social and emotional development of adolescence. In this session, you will learn about typical changes in your child's friendships, interests, mood, and values. We will also identify risk factors for problematic behaviors and techniques for monitoring your child's relationships and decisions.

  • (16) Social Media Awareness - How many hours does your child spend plugged in to their technology each day? Are there times you question the impact it has on your child and their choices? There are now a growing number of social media mishaps that can play havoc on your child. This session will address how social media and online gaming can affect them and their future.

  • (17) Testing 101 - Ever wonder what drives what your kids are learning and how we measure their growth? This session will provide insight into current curriculum and content understanding expectations and detail the importance of analytical thinking in the classroom as well as the use of computers and technology to demonstrate understanding and growth.