Gifted Electives I-IV (AIM)

Welcome to the Parkway High School AIM classes! In this class, students will research colleges and careers of interest, study college preparatory vocabulary, prepare for the PSAT, ACT and/or SAT exams, discuss current events, strengthen reading, writing, presentation, logic, and creative and critical thinking skills, develop cultural literacy, and investigate independent topics of interest.

***Aug. 1, 2021 announcement: If you are interested in registering for a BPCC class during the Fall 2021 semester, please read the letter below and follow the instructions on it to register. (You should also receive this letter in an email.) In order to register for a BPCC class through the Gifted program, you MUST follow the instructions presented in the letter. Do not try to register for your class through the BPCC website without reading the attached letter first. Remember, you are not required to take a BPCC course in order to continue to receive gifted services. Please email me if you have any questions.***

Fall, 2021 AIM and TAP Student BPCC Registration Letter.pdf

Gifted Elective classes offered: Gifted elective I, II, III, IV

Teacher: Jessica Jones

Phone number: 318-759-2313


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