Princeton Patriot 4-H

4-H leader contact~

There are activities provided in different areas of the community and school. At the end of every school year “Fun Day” is held. Fun Day is a day at the Bossier Civic Center for all 4-Hers who have met the requirements of the program over the school year. 4-H is a community based program with an emphasis of supporting our community as the community supports programs like 4-H. Anyone can become a 4-H member and enjoy all the benefits of the 4-H program.

The requirements of the program at Princeton to earn “Fun Day” are simple.

1. Be an enrolled member. Enrollment fee is $6 returned with the green enrollment form.

2. Complete and turn in your project book as instructed. Given in October or November.

3. Turn in at least 5 different community service items. Several are announced monthly. (example items: paper towels, wipes, items vary from month to month based on community need)

4. Participate in at least 2 activities (example Talent Show, Cookeries, T-shirt contest, Parish Expo)

Printed newsletters are sent home after each monthly meeting that contain all needed information. Updates for community service are sent home in Thursday folders.