john hill school

weekly update 3/8/19

8th grader Moves on to regional Geo BEe

Congratulations to Shawn Murray in qualifying for the regional Geogrpahy Bee to be held at Stockton University. Shawn placed in the top 100 students on his knowledge of world geography. Shawn will be competing in the regional competition at the end of the month.

3rd grade poetry featured @ Boonton museum

Earlier this year, the 3rd grade students visited the Boonton Museum to learn about the history of our town and to spark learning activities that celebrate it. Students created poems that reflected their pride in being Boonton residents and submitted them to the Boonton Museum. We are now thrilled to announce that these works will be displayed in the Boonton Museum beginning March 10th in the museum's entryway! The included photo provides a sneak peak.

6th graders Become the teacher

The 6th grade class had a unique opportunity where they were able to become the teachers for the period. In enrichment class, the student's developed a lesson that they learned during the school year. The student's researched their topics, developed a hands on lesson plan and presented it to their classmates. Many students enjoyed the opportunity to take on a leadership role in the classroom, while others were intrigued by the lessons that were presented to them by their classmates.

STEM Class focuses on Product design

The 6th grade technology students were working on a STEM challenge in which they had to construct a desk and chair that had to hold books. Students brainstormed, drew up, constructed and modified designs to meet the challenge. In doing so they were able to understand the design process, take measurements, use creative design, and improve products that could be used in actual design.

FInal Washington D.c. payments due march 22nd

Attention all 8th grade parents, the final payment for Washington D.C. are due to Mr. O'Dell by March 22nd.


The PTA has asked that we announce that Multicultural Night, which had been scheduled for March 14th, will not take place.