Weekly Update - 9/28/18

WEEK of respect

Next week, our community will celebrate a "Week of Respect" along with schools throughout New Jersey in an effort to promote positive school cultures. In addition to activities occurring in classrooms, we are looking forward to the following school-wide events!

10/1 - Wear blue to celebrate the World Day of Bullying Prevention

10/2 - "Make the Difference" assembly by JLine Dance Crew

10/3 - Wear clothing with a number on it to "Make Everyone Count!"

10/4 - Random Acts of Kindness Day

10/5 - Wear red & black to show school unity and Bomber Pride!

ARRIVAL & dismissals

We have been very pleased with the way our arrival and dismissal processes have gone so far! Tardies have been substantially reduced, having the safewalks back entrance available has been very helpful, and the car line is moving at a steady pace. We appreciate all of your help in ensuring that students arrive to and and from school in a safe and efficient manner. With the goal of continuously improving arrival and dismissal, we'd like to provide the following reminders...

  • Doors do not open until 7:35
  • Homeroom officially begins at 7:50
  • The back entrance to the gym remains an option for students to enter the building each morning.
  • Car name plates are especially helpful on inclement weather dismissal days. On these days, students being picked up are asked to report to the gym and we will announce cars as they pull into the lot. By clearly displaying the names of all students that you are picking up that day, we can more efficiently call names and have students at the door for pick up.

A VISIT from sgt. Rich

Sergeant Rich, a member of the Summit Police Department who also works to provide for the safety of students by promoting cyber safety and appropriate use of Internet technology, spoke with our 6th-8th graders on Thursday afternoon. Sergeant Rich has brought his message to over 1 million students, and we are especially grateful that our students had the chance to benefit from his experience and expertise. In addition to identifying some of the inherent risks associated with technology and social media use, Sergeant Rich also challenges students to be upstanders when using social media and emphasizes the many ways that social media can be used positively!


Teachers in grades 3-5 participated in a day of Readers Workshop training on Wednesday. This program incorporates an individualized focus on reading instruction and the close monitoring of student progress through designated reading levels. Already, our teachers have seen the positive impacts of this program since we began implementation last year, and we are looking forward to our first full school year with the program!


Students will dismiss at 12:07 on Monday, October 1st.

School is closed on October 8th.