Evolving Teaching

with Technology

I have been truly blessed with this amazing opportunity to help teachers evolve their teaching with technology by serving as a K-5 tech coach here in MSAD 6. Our K-12 district is located in southern Maine. We have 8 schools and approximately 3,600 students, each with their own device. My job is to support teachers and staff as they make powerful, effective, and inspiring use of the awesome tech resources available to them including: iPads, interactive whiteboards, Apple TVs, Chromebooks, MacBooks, VR/AR kits, and 3D printers.

As an elementary tech coach, I:

  • teach digital citizenship lessons to all students
  • meet with teachers to plan effective ways of integrating technology with content
  • model how to use technology to enhance a lesson
  • develop engaging ideas and lessons to elevate our teachers' use of technology
  • collaborate with administrators to promote new skills, ideas, and tools
  • provide professional development to staff

It is important to note that I do not respond to tech tickets, which are handled directly by our super talented computer specialists at the tech department, so please remember to use our ticketing system (not me!) to report any issues that you are having with the technology in your classroom.

About Me

I have been working in the district since 2007, when I graduated from the University of New England with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and a minor in English. I taught second grade at Jack Memorial School, which later consolidated to Buxton Center Elementary School. Inspired by my mentor teachers, Peggy Townsend and Helen McAlpin, I quickly developed a passion for integrating technology in the classroom. Equipped with only 2 iMac G3s, my MacBook, and a projector, I did my best to provide my students with opportunities to access online resources and create digital content. I was always really passionate about using technology to make my students' classroom experience more engaging and memorable. I also understood the value in making our learning transparent and communicating with a wider audience about the work that we were engaging in.

Even though I spent countless hours finding meaningful ways to integrate tech in my lessons, I still found time to: marry my high school sweetheart, Jeremy, plant our roots in Gorham with the purchase of our home, adopt our 2 kittens, Ollie and Neely, and start a family with the addition of our son, Nolan, and our daughter, Kylie. I also pursued graduate school and earned my Master's degree in Education from St. Joseph's College in 2013.

Throughout the years, the technology in our district was constantly improving and expanding, and I was always eager to find new ways to engage my students in their learning. I joined our district technology team and became a leader who was always willing to help my colleagues learn how to best use the tools available to us. In 2016, with a lot of encouragement from my principals, I made the difficult decision to leave my classroom at Buxton Center to become a preK-5 tech coach at Hollis Elementary and H.B. Emery Jr. Memorial School. Since then, I have become an ambassador for Seesaw and Freckle, an Apple Teacher, and a Google Certified Level 1 Educator. I continue to lead by presenting at district, state, and out-of-state PD events. Even though I sincerely miss working closely with one class of students and connecting with their families, becoming a tech coach has been very fulfilling. I always tell people that I have a dream job, because teachers and students are delighted to have me come in to work with them. I still get to connect with students, and I am challenging myself everyday to find relevant resources and strategies that excite teachers to make learning more engaging, connected, and meaningful to students. In order to expand my knowledge of skills and strategies, I am currently working on earning my Education Specialist degree in Instructional Technology from the University of Maine Graduate School.

Laurie Delaney is the K-5 Technology Coach at Hollis Elementary School and George E. Jack Elementary School in MSAD 6 in southern Maine.

Connect with her by email ldelaney@bonnyeagle.org or Twitter @LaurieDelaney_