COVID-19 Bonny Eagle Time Capsule

The coaches in Bonny Eagle would like to offer this site as a space for staff, students, and community members to submit their primary source artifacts of their personal experiences with the global COVID-19 pandemic. Have you taken pictures, written a journal, filmed a video, created artwork, or made something to describe this new way of life that we're all experiencing? Consider sharing your artifacts here. Our goal is to catalog everything we receive and eventually put this collection into an ebook to tell a community story of how we experienced the COVID-19 pandemic.

We were inspired by, a site that is collecting global artifacts from the pandemic. We would like to replicate that idea here, but on a smaller scale to capture our unique Bonny Eagle perspectives. If you're looking for inspiration of what type of artifact you could share, check out their Ideas for Submissions page.

No entry is too small! A picture of you practicing social/physical distancing with friends and family, a quick write-up of how you've been passing the time at home, or even a description of a new tradition your family has started are all quick and easy ways to share your personal experience in dealing with this pandemic. If you submit a photo that includes people, please make sure you have their permission to publicly share it and feel free to add in the names of the photographer and the people in the photo on the submission form if you'd like to be identified.

Submit Your Artifact