Elementary School Counseling 

Jennifer Cunningham, M.Ed

Buxton Center Elementary


(207) 929-3836

Leah Brown

Hollis Elementary


(207) 929-3838

Mindy Novick, MS

Edna Libby Elementary


(207) 642-2500

Brianne Fecteau, MS

George E. Jack Elementary


(207) 642-4885

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Rachel Lannino

H.B. Emery & Steep Falls Elementary


(207) 637-2056 (HB) 

(207) 675-3321 (SF)

Welcome to the shared site of the elementary school counselors!

Our district is unique in that six community schools transition into one Bonny Eagle Middle School. Representing Buxton-Center, Edna Libby, George E. Jack, Hollis, H.B. Emery and Steep Falls schools, our goal was to create a central place for school counseling resources. BE Pride! 

The K-12 school counseling program is an integral part of the district's comprehensive educational program, aligned with the shared mission to help all students reach their full potential. School counselors design and deliver a school counseling program that improves student outcomes.

School counselors help students develop Mindsets and Behaviors in the areas of academic, career and social/emotional development, as well as community involvement to ensure success in school and future, post-secondary pursuits. Services include providing: individual and small group short-term counseling, classroom instruction, consultation, coordinating of services including referrals for longer-term support, and crisis intervention. 

School counselors work closely with students, teachers, parents and administrators, as well as school nurses, social workers, school psychologists, and other support staff that comprise Student Services - to support the unique needs of each student, and promote a safe, supportive learning environment for all.

At each transition, school counselors work collaboratively to guide a continuation of support and advocacy. The K-12 Counseling Team meets regularly to coordinate services, and nurture positive outcomes, as students move throughout the stages of their Bonny Eagle experience. 

Please Note: School Counselors are not able to provide emergency mental health services, please contact the following for support

In the event of an emergency, please dial 911

Maine Statewide Crisis Hotline: 1-888-568-1112

Cumberland County Mental Health Crisis Line for intervention services: 1 (888) 568-1112 

Crisis Text Line: 741741 (text, HELLO) 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) 1-888-568-1112 (Voice/TTY)

Child Abuse: 1-800-452-1999 (Voice) 1-800-963-9490 (TTY) The State of Maine’s child abuse reporting hotline is staffed 24 hours/day. 

Domestic Violence: 1-866-834-HELP (4357) This number gives you information on domestic violence, crisis counseling, and emotional support

211: Available 24 hours/day to provide information and connect you or someone you know to local programs and services that can help. Choose Ext. #2 for information about Covid-19

The elementary years...

are a time when students begin to develop their academic self-concept and feelings of competence and confidence as learners. They are beginning to develop decision-making, communication and life skills, as well as character values. It is also a time when students develop and acquire attitudes toward school, self, peers, social groups and family. Working with young children, elementary school counselors provide a proactive program, focused on early identification and intervention of children's academic and social/emotional needs. The elementary school years set the foundation for developing the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary for children to become healthy, competent and confident learners. School counselors help their students achieve academic success, develop and understanding of career opportunities, and develop social/emotional skills in response to issues they face. (American School Counseling Association)

School/Family Partnerships are key!

We're always gathering new resources on topics related to healthy child development, parenting support, and the importance of a strong school/family partnership. As always, feel free to reach out to your child's school counselor directly if there's a question or concern that we can support you with more specific resources around.