Rory Lacy Educational Technology


Hello! My name is Rory Lacy. I am the Technology Integrationist for Bonham ISD in Bonham, Texas. This is my 6th year working as an educator for BISD. I am so excited to be in a position to promote the use of technology in the curriculum and across the district, to offer support and training to classroom teachers, and to support student achievement in the PreK-12 classroom. My goal is to provide the necessary leadership, staff development, and instructional support to all instructional and administrative staff in BISD.


My WHY is to inspire, encourage, and enable learners to find joy and meaning in the processes and creativity of learning. I enjoy seeing students and staff making new connections from the real world to the written world to the digital world and beyond.


I believe when educators embrace the power of YET and affirm that a student's intelligence is not a fixed quantity, but a malleable, fluid resource that can be kindled by empowering students to make important decisions and discoveries about their own learning and problem-solving, we unlock the potential to reframe their deficiencies as opportunities to leverage new knowledge and stress the value of the process over the product. The ePortfolio gives evidence to the process.


The WHAT as it relates to education should change depending on the student, the curriculum, the content, the purpose, the type of integration, the delivery, the available resources, the depth & complexity, current trends, events, and methods used, the sustainability, the economic, ecological, & political systems, and the personal/ collective actions at the time.


Where will our WHY, HOW, and WHAT take us in the future? WHERE will we be in 20 years/ 50 years? Where will we need to make adjustments or changes? What will the future of education look like then?