Jazz Band

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The BHS Jazz Band performs several times a year. There is a fall concert, spring concert, and up to two Jazz band competitions and an occasional guest event around the state.

The Jazz Band is also the pep band for several home basketball games, and has had the honor to play at SBU Jazz Ensemble concerts. The Jazz Band has also performed at the MSTA summer convention and the Missouri Fine Arts Day at the Capitol Building in Jefferson City.

Clinic with Mr. Guffey from Springfield Music Co.

Spring 2019

Jazz Theory Review:

  • an Interval is the distance between two pitches
  • we use whole steps and half steps to build scales and chords
  • a half step is chromatic movement by one note- C to Db
  • a whole step is chromatic movement by two notes- C to D
  • the step pattern for a major scale is WWHWWWH- ,CwDwEhFwGwAwBhC
  • the order of intervals in the basic chromatic scale are m2,M2,m3,M3,P4,tritone,P5,m6,M6,m7,M7,P Octave
  • a triad is chord made of three notes together stacked by thirds- C,E,G or D,F,A
  • a major chord step pattern is M3 from the first to second note, and m3 from the second to 3rd
  • a minor chord step pattern is m3 from the first to second note, and M3 from the second to 3rd
  • the step pattern for a minor scale is WHWWHWW- AwBhCwDwEhFwGwA

Here is a great picture of the Jazz Band performing at the Carnahan Garden next to the Governor's Mansion in Jeff City.

Lt. Gov. Mike Parson, from Bolivar, came out to hear us play!

March 28, 2018

Fall 2017

Performance at the Senior Dinner held at the HS

the essential jazz grooves.mus.pdf

Jazz band drumset audition examples

In the 2nd Jazz Drumset Audition video the Samba should be called a Bossa groove.

drumset audition 2014.mus.pdf