6th Grade

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The 6th Grade Beginning Band performs twice a year, at the Christmas Concert in December, and at the Spring Concert in April.

It is recommended that all students own their own instrument, however check with the instructors about a school supplied instrument for special situations. Availability is extremely limited.

As a new band family or a returning band family to our program, it is important to know some details about the 6th grade beginning band class. First, we will be trying out instruments in class for about a week and a half. If you already own an instrument, let the band directors know and plan on using that instrument. Please be cautious about purchasing low cost instruments from local (non-music instrument) venues and online "deals." Our experience with those instruments is they are usually in need repairs that will cost up to 3 times what you paid and could be even more, or are a cheap brand that does not even have parts available to fix it. I have experienced both!! Bolivar is blessed with a local music store and they are a great place to get instruments and accessories.

Springfield Music, based in Springfield Mo is our main source for instrument rentals. They will be at the High School in late August after school starts. We will have an evening meeting with them and you can rent/purchase from them if you wish. I recommend renting because they will provide quality instruments and be able to service the instrument if needed. If you have to cancel during the first year, they take the instrument back with no strings attached; you simply return it to the store and cease payments. Online instrument companies like WoodwindBrasswind.com are a trusted source as well. The only issue is repairs will cost full price at the area repair shops. Springfield Music, however, offers a "maintenance plan" that covers basic repairs and even full replacement due to fire or theft. Please direct all questions concerning Springfield Music rentals and maintenance plan details to the store.