Interaction Design for Technical Communicators


This site acts as an open educational resource (OER) for instructors and instructional designers who wish to develop technical communication assignments that empower students as both consumers and producers of "renewable" educational content. Specifically, these assignments cover a range of technical communication concepts that are missing from more foundational open textbooks like the following:

While the three assignments that we outline here are not necessarily unique in how they teach interaction design concepts, they do demonstrate how the project-based work that many of us already assign may easily become extraordinary when students generate OER as part of their coursework.


Jonathan Lashley and Carly Finseth developed this site's content as part of a Designing with OER (DOER) Fellowship. Beyond our current work together at Boise State University, we have been colleagues since 2009, when we attended the same Masters Program in Professional Communication at Clemson University. We have taught college-level writing classes across the country and share a commitment to crafting authentic, multimodal, purposeful learning experiences for our students.

Jonathan Lashley

Senior Instructional Technologist, Office of Information Technology

Carly Finseth

Assistant Professor, Technical Communication

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