EDTECH 680 EDUCATION SPECIALIST FINAL PROJECT: Culminating activity for the Education Specialist in Educational Technology (Ed.S.) program. The student-generated project topic must be approved by program coordinator prior to enrollment. Final project is a substantial written product and multi-media representation(s) of the work. Taken after all Ed.S. core courses and cognate courses have been completed. (Pass/Fail). PREREQ: PERM/INST.

The capstone experience for the EdS program will consists of:

  • A final evaluation or instructional design project associated with a pedagogical problem through the application of educational technology
  • A GoogleDrive folder with at least one PDF file of the major paper(s) or project(s) for all courses taken in the Ed Tech program (folder will be shared with the program coordinator - it does not need to be public).
  • A reflective-research paper (with citations in APA format) of 15 - 25 pages.
  • A multi-media companion piece to your final EdS project that summarizes and showcases your work. This will need to be made public. It will stay public for at least 12 months following the completion of your EdS.