EdS Final Steps

Students must complete EDTECH 680: EDUCATION SPECIALIST FINAL PROJECT in their final semester of the EdS program. To be eligible for EDTECH 680, the student must have completed all EdS core classes (602, 604, 650, and 651), as well as all cognate courses (9 hours), and at least 2 of 3 required electives.


1. Look at your plan of study that you created when first enrolling in the EdS program and understand when you are scheduled to take EDTECH 680. If you joined the program before Fall 2017, this might be listed as "EDTECH 640," but we've now changed it to 680. If you do not have a plan of study, contact us immediately (edtecheds@boisestate.edu)

2. Keep in mind that you cannot complete your EDTECH cognate in the same semester as you hope to graduate. Instead, you must plan to take 680 *after* the cognate has been completed. You are allowed to take 680 only along one other final elective course (if you need it).

3. In the semester BEFORE you plan to take 680, you have to make sure you do two things (or else a permission number to register for it will not be given to you):

  • (A) Complete your Application for Admission to Candidacy (the AAC) form for the Graduate College. If you are also seeking to complete a graduate certificate (ex., in Technology Integration), you must also complete the Proposed Plan of Study for a Graduate Certificate. Click here for more instructions on the AAC and PPSGC forms.

NOTE: You cannot earn a certificate unless you apply for it before you have completed 2/3rds of the courses required for it, so it's best to apply for a certificate very early in the program.

  • (B) Apply for Graduation: To apply for graduation, login in to your myBoiseState student center and select Apply For Graduation from the drop down box. You will need to pay the application fee ($20/certificate $25/degree); a late fee will be assessed if not done by the deadline.

The AAC (and PPSGC, if applicable) will be reviewed for accuracy by the program coordinator, signed electronically, and then sent to the Graduate College for final approval.

4. Once the AAC is complete and you have evidence of having applied for graduation, the program coordinator will send the permission number to you so that you can enroll in EDTECH 680. You will also be given a enrollment key to log-in to the Moodle site for EDTECH 680 at that time.