EDTECH Education Specialist (Ed.S.)


The Education Specialist in Educational Technology is an ideal program of study for professionals in education and/or training who already have a master’s degree, but who wish to improve technology leadership or faculty development roles or who want to use technology more effectively for improved student engagement and learning.

Those who seek the EdS are K-20 educators, technology coaches or integration teachers, media specialists, school administrators, instructional designers, curriculum or training developers, and many other closely related fields.

Boise State University is accredited by the Northwest Commission of Colleges and Universities (see our Accreditation page).

Program Overview

The Ed.S. in Educational Technology program at Boise State University can be completed entirely online; there are no on-campus or in-person requirements. All courses and exams/defenses can be completed at a distance, though in some cases synchronous (same time) attendance is required.

Students are encouraged to count previous graduate-level courses toward their cognate or elective credit requirements. Any transfer credits must have been taken within five calendar years of the time of admission to the program, as well as meet other Graduate College requirements. Advising on specific transfer courses will only be provided to those who have been extended an invitation to join the program.

Assuming no transfer hours, and assuming enrollment in two classes in fall & spring, and one summer class, a student could potentially complete the degree (33 credit hours) in two and a half years.

Prospective EdS Students

Current EdS Students


Dr. Ross Perkins

Program Coordinator


rossperkins@boisestate.edu OR edtecheds@boisestate.edu