EdD Graduation

To graduate with an Ed.D. in Educational Technology at Boise State University requires the student to completed a number of requirements. Many of these are sequential, occurring at specific points in the program. All students can expect close coordination with the Department's of Educational Technology's Doctoral Program Management team, who can help students understand and navigate the various requirements.

The path to graduation is marked by certain program milestones; all of these milestones are explained in this EDTECH/Ed.D. handbook. To summarize:

1. All coursework and dissertation hours must be satisfactorily completed (or transfer hours have been recommended and approved to satisfy a portion of them).

2. The student has written a passing comprehensive examination.

3. The student has completed all required pre-dissertation paperwork.

4. The student has successfully defended her or his dissertation.

5. The student has completed post-dissertation dissertation-related requirements and obligations.

* these assume that no money is owed to the University for any charges/expenses

It is important to realize one can understand the term "graduation" in different ways. Here are three ways the term is sometimes understood:

A) The student has completed 1-4 above. The student can carry the title of "Dr.," but this is not quite official yet.

B) The student has completed 1-4 above and participates in either the fall or spring commencement ceremony (this feels more like graduation as one has donned the doctoral paraphernalia, etc.)

C) The student has completed 1-5 above and the degree title appears on her/his Boise State University official transcript.

Notice that participation in the commencement ceremony is NOT a requirement. If the student can arrange travel to Boise for either the spring (early May) or fall (mid-December) event, it is a nice way to celebrate the completion of the degree (and faculty like to meet students as well), but one can graduate without going through the ceremony.

Technically, only "C" counts as true graduation. However, it's important to note that the transcription of the degree only happens if Step 5 happens within a reasonable time before the end of the semester. The BEST way to ensure the degree is transcripted in at the end of the same semester that one defends the dissertation is to adhere to the dates published by the Thesis & Dissertation Office of the Graduate College.