Graduate College Review

AFTER you successfully defend your dissertation

The format review is a formal review conducted after you defend, and after you've incorporated changes from your committee. When you have done this, you submit your dissertation to your advisor for Final Reading Approval. When your advisor agrees your document reflects all changes necessary, s/he will sign the Final Reading Approval* page. At that time, you should also have your advisor sign your Access Agreement for a Thesis or Dissertation*, as this form requires both your and your advisor's signature.

Please note that these forms can be signed, scanned, and sent electronically. This is not a problem. In fact, your Final Reading Approval page can be signed here on campus (if your advisor is on campus), and sent via Interdepartmental mail. Either the EDTECH EdD program coordination team or staff in the Graduate College can help in obtaining signatures if need be.

After you have obtained final reading approval for your document, the required forms must be submitted to the Graduate College Thesis and Dissertation Office (TDO). You can do so by having someone mail them, drop them off (the TDO is located in River Front Hall 307) or send them as attachments to Once the forms are submitted, you will upload your dissertation document to ScholarWorks for the formal format review by the TDO. The link for ScholarWorks and instructions for upload will be shared with you by the program coordination team or your advisor.

During formal format review, the TDO staff will check the formatting of your document to ensure it meets standards and guidelines of the Graduate College, check that the citations listed in the references list match those in the text and ensure that they are in correct APA (6th edition) form, and perform a copyedit/proofread of your document (as time permits).

After the TDO conducts the formal format review, personnel there will send you the edited document as a PDF, as well as an updated, formatted .docx file (if needed) through the ScholarWorks system. You will receive an email when this has been done. You will then retrieve the items from the ScholarWorks system, update your document as needed, and upload your final submission to ScholarWorks.

When the TDO receives the final submission, staff again reviews the front matter and ensures the document meets basic standard. They prepare the document for the Dean of the Graduate College, who will read it and then provide the final signature for approval. By "prepare," the TDO is double-checking the table of contents, list of figures, and list of tables, saving the document as a PDF to ensure all bookmarks work, and ensuring the electronic PDF page numbers match the actual page numbers within the document. In short, the TDO makes sure the electronic document that gets posted online matches what you wrote.

* Graduate College forms can be found at: