693 DISSERTATION (Variable Credit). Independent research at the doctoral level resulting in a dissertation that must be defended at a final oral examination and archived in the university library and with UMI. The dissertation must be written in clear and effective English and presented in a format that conforms to the standards of the Graduate College. Pass/fail only

EDTECH 693 is not a "course" in the traditional understanding of graduate courses (ex., there is no syllabus, there are generally not strict due dates, it is variable credit in a given term, the grade is only "IP" until one defends the dissertation, etc.). When one enrolls in EDTECH 693, it is essentially a shell within which any number of dissertation-related activities can and should be completed. The expectations should be carefully negotiated with one's advisor, including when and what kinds of feedback can be expected. The following statements hopefully help clarify many aspects of EDTECH 693: Dissertation.

  1. The Ed.D./EDTECH program requires students to complete 11 credit hours of EDTECH 693.
  2. The only way to get approval to enroll in 693 is *after* one's successful completion of the Comprehensive Examination. One cannot be granted approval to take the final 693 credits until AFTER the completion of ALL required core and research courses, cognate courses, electives, and the Innovative Experience.
  3. A student can take more than 11 credit hours of EDTECH 693 (in some cases is may be required, see below).
  4. One can only earn 693 credit hours in the summer IF the advisor has agreed to supervise proposal/dissertation work OR the advisor has asked and authorized another committee member to do so on his/her behalf.
  5. A student MUST be enrolled in at least 1 credit hour of EDTECH 693 during the semester s/he defends the dissertation.
  6. Students are obligated to be enrolled in 1 credit hour of EDTECH 693 for any regular semester following the Comprehensive Examination, even if they are not defending a dissertation and even if they have completed all required 693 credits. This excludes summers, where enrolling in 693 is optional. Obviously if there is some extenuating circumstance precluding a students from doing *any* work on his/her dissertation, we'll consider that.
  7. Students are restricted in the total number of 693 credits they can take in any given term (Fall, Spring, or Summer); one can enroll in a maximum of 9 credit hours.
  8. Because EDTECH 693 appears in the registration systems as VARIABLE CREDIT course (allowing one to register for between 1 and 9 credit hours in any given term), PLEASE check at registration to make sure the correct number of credits are selected (consult your electronic planning forms or contact the program coordinator).
  9. The number of credit hours for EDTECH 693 for which one registers should be based on a consideration of how much work the student and his/her advisor plans on accomplishing in a given term AND, of course, the overall flow of the dissertation process with respect to enrollment. Generally speaking, 1 credit hour of graduate work = 50 hours of "seat time." Please note that it is *highly* likely that between the creation of documents or part of documents, revision time, data collection, analysis, formatting of the dissertation, preparation for defenses, etc. will take much more time than what could be covered by 11 credit hours. However, those hours are really connected to *faculty* advising time. It's important to keep in mind that students can expect to work on the proposal and dissertation elements outside of the 693 framework, but if one is expecting some degree of advisor feedback (as one should), then it's important to be enrolled in 693.
  10. Until the successful defense of one's final dissertation, the grade issued at the end of any term is "In Progress" (IP). At the end of the term in which a successful dissertation defense was completed, a grade of "P" (Pass) is issued for that particular term's EDTECH 693 grade. Then, once the Graduate College confirms that all is in order, it changes all other existing grades of IP in previously completed semesters of 693 to "P." Please note that "IP" is issued if the advisor feels that satisfactory progress is being made toward the completion of the dissertation.
  11. It is HIGHLY ADVISED that students work with their advisor to carefully plan what will be done in any given term in which they are taking 693. A planning document with a timeline is one place to start, keeping in mind all Graduate College dates for submission of forms, documents, etc.

If you have questions about EDTECH 693, please first contact the program coordination team, edtechdoc@boisestate.edu