Parent Meeting

This is the handout that I gave to the parents at the Parent Meeting. It has some good information about what we expect from our wrestlers and a good overview of what the parents can expect from the season.

Hillside Donation Letter

The donation letter and form will be the way we do our fundraising this year. The idea behind this is to send a letter to relatives and close family friends to help raise money for tournaments entries, buses, and gear.

Remind App

Join my Remind App to get on-the-spot updates on important information like time changes or simple team reminders.


Gives users the ability to follow up on the latest results of many of the tournaments in the world with an option of video streaming sometimes (free of charge). This website is what we will be using during our tournaments to track our brackets and results.

Suples Ltd. Wrestling Club

Led by Coach Ivan Ivanov, former Olympian and World Medalist, this program is located here in Boise. The program strives to create a culture of dedicated and talented wrestlers.


Is an association that promotes youth wrestling in the state of Idaho. It gives many options for off season tournaments.


Is an online wrestling streaming service (subscription based). Useful for watching the biggest wrestling events all over the globe.

Askren Wrestling Academy (AWA)

Has numerous videos of techniques and mental preparedness that can become helpful for improving in the sport. (FYI, this is a Facebook link)

Wrestling Rules and Procedure

These are the rules in place for the Boise School District at the Jr. High level.