Why Music? Why Choir?

“There is no nobility in being superior to anyone else;

nobility is derived from being superior to that which you were yesterday.”


We’ve all heard that “studies show that children involved in the arts, especially music, score higher on standardized tests.” But, what does that mean to us? What else makes music so important besides the significantly higher test scores? Why should your child be involved in music, art or drama? What IS the big deal?!?

No matter what part of the world we live in or where we go, music is all around. We find it in elevators, department stores, remote villages, urban cities, rural cities, museums, subways (undergrounds), restaurants, dinner parties, city buses, taxi cabs, our own vehicles etc… Music is everywhere. No matter where you are, you will find music. It is of great consequence that we teach our youth the importance music has on the history of our lives. Music didn’t just all of the sudden appear. M&M, The Beatles, N’Sync, Harry Conick Jr., NIN, and Ella Fitzgerald all evolved from the first Gregorian chants of the early Middle Ages; a time when life was centered around the church, not the people. There was no television, radio, video games or computers. People had to create ways to entertain themselves, and this was done through music, art and drama. The arts, especially music sculpted the world that we live in today.

Music is celebrated in every country in different ways for its rich contributions. It is the key to history and the universal language of the world. It is used for pleasure, worship, therapy, entertainment, healing and more. One of the most important contributions of music is its ability to communicate through the boundaries of life (i.e. ethnic, racial, judgmental etc…). Communication is easily done through music, no matter what the language. When one is involved in a musical ensemble they learn to communicate through music…it becomes a new language and the boundaries begin to disappear. Being involved in a musical ensemble enables a student to experience a whole new area of the world. Music has no limits.

Most of all, music teaches dedication, perseverance, and teamwork. As stated in the quote above, “there is no nobility in being superior to anyone else.” Students need to constantly remind themselves to never compare their strengths and weaknesses with others’. Instead, they need to work together at bettering themselves everyday. In turn, this will better the ensemble by giving them the self-confidence they need to strive for perfection. In doing this, the choir, band, or orchestra has only one way to go…forward. We never want to repeat yesterday’s work, rather we want to work further and learn more with everyday. When they work for perfection they will realize that a new level of perfection is presented the next day. Growth is a life-long process. This process will be one of the most gratifying experiences. By singing and/or playing a musical instrument your child will learn that practice makes perfect and they have to keep trying. “Nobility is derived from being superior to that which you were yesterday.” If all of my students strive for their best everyday, work together, forget their differences, and have fun they will experience one of the most amazing events in their life…being part of a musical ensemble! There’s nothing like it and I hope the experience continues beyond Borah High School!!