Sun Valley Jazz Jamboree

CDVE and Squids perform at the Sun Valley Jazz Jamboree each October! This is a privilege and an honor!


CDVE Sun Valley Itinerary 2017

What to Bring (SACK LUNCH)

SQUIDS- you need to bring your own patch cords, instruments, and cymbals! (electric bass is fine)- no amps

-Your formal outfits-Bring it in your Borah garment bags

- We’ll lay them flat under the bus

-Toiletries: shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, Pajamas, etc.

- Dancing Shoes (comfortable shoes)

- CDVE Shirt, jeans, socks and shoes for Saturday

- Comfortable clothes for Sunday (NO PJ’s on the BUS!!!!!!!!!!!!)

- A jacket, sweatshirt, long sleeve shirts – Sun Valley is chilly this time of year!


- Some extra spending money

- Sack lunch on Friday and money for lunch on Sunday

- Your energy, smiles, and positive attitudes – this will be a blast! BRING YOUR BORAH BEST! CUZ THAT’S WHAT YOU ARE!

Friday, October 20th

**Bring a sack lunch!

7:45am Load bus and depart for Sun Valley

9:30am Sun Valley Lodge- #1 Sun Valley Road, Sun Valley, ID- corner of #1 Sun Valley Road and Old Dollar Road

12:30pm Arrive in SUN VALLEY!

Sun Valley Lodge Sage Room to get room info, badges etc

Get situated in dorms

Take a tour and have a workshop

3:30pm West Side Story- Cornet Chop Suey- Opera House

5:00pm DINNER TOGETHER- change into outfits and warm up for Whiff Performance

6:30pm PERFORMANCE in the Opera House with the Whiffs!

8:00pm Your choice- Big Band Bash- Limelight; Cornet Chop Suey- Continental; Carolyn Martin Swing Band- Opera

9:30pm Zydeco Hurricane Tom Rigney and Flambeau and Gator Nation

10:30pm Head back to dorms

11:00pm In Dorms- QUIET, 11:15pm in beds- QUIET, 11:30pm- Lights out! QUIET!!!


Saturday, October 21st

*Wear your CDVE Shirt

7:30am Rise and Shine! (Rise earlier if you need more than 45 minutes to get ready.)

Wear outfits

8:30am Breakfast TBD

9:30am Warm up

11:00pm Perform at the Inn Duck Pond

12:30pm Go to Ladies Sing- Limelight

1:30pm Lunch together/Change

2:00pm Gator Nation- Limelight

3:30pm Boise Straight Ahead in Continental

5:00pm DINNER

6:30pm Jacob Miller and the Bridge City Crooner-Continental

8:00pm Kings of Swing/Glen Miller – Limelight Room

DANCE! BUT…quiet…don’t be too wild!!!!!! Be respectful of those there to listen! HAVE FUN!!!

10:30pm High Street- Dance Through the Decades– Limelight

11:00pm Depart for dorm rooms.

11:30pm Lights out!


Sunday, October 22nd

9:00am Breakfast- TBD

10:15am Sun Valley Jazz All Stars with Marilyn Keller and Yve Evans- Limelight

11:15am Head to dorms and PACK UP!

11:30am Load Buses, stop at Albertsons in Hailey for lunch (pick up at Sun Valley Lodge #1 Sun Valley Road, Sun Valley, ID- corner of #1 Sun Valley Road and Old Dollar Road)

Depart for Boise (6001 Cassia St.)

2:30/3:30pm Arrive in Boise (APPROXIMATELY)

Call or text me with any questions! 869-2155