Parent FAQ's

How can I help my student be successful?


What supplies do students need for Mrs. Ray's class daily?

-Music Folder (provided by Mrs. Ray). Folders may go home for practicing, but are expected to be in the students hands in class daily


Also helpful (SUGGESTED, but not required):

-Highlighters, earbud headphones, electronic device that can access the internet, kleenex/hand sanitizer (class supply is limited), water bottle

When are concerts?

Please view the home page to see the full year's schedule. As events change (it inevitably happens at least once a year) I will make my best efforts to directly communicate with you, inform the students, and update the website/calendar.

What are concert expectations?

1.) Performing is pillar of our National/State Common Core Content Standards as well as a crucial key in the student's musical development. Concerts are assessed/graded as choir is a co-curricular class. If any student is missing, it dramatically impacts the morale and performance of the rest of the ensemble. However, life does happen and Mrs. Ray is reasonable if the student/parent/guardian communicate to the best of their ability. The concert make-up policy and assignments can be found in the Choir Handbook.

2.) Timely - For the concerts to start on-time and be most successful, students should aim to be at all performances at least 45 min early

3.) Appropriate - Attire varies from ensemble to ensemble, and even depending on the concert. The "standard" attire and expectations for most concerts can be found on the Choir Handbook Tab under Concert Attire.

4.) Connected - We live in a wonderful world of technology that allows us to live stream most of our concerts! Mrs. Ray offers a link to a live-stream and/or recording of as many concerts as possible for the students and your families to enjoy.

Do absences for music activities impact attendance?

When a student misses another teacher's class as a result of participating in a choir (or other classes) activity, it is a called an "activity absence." Each student is allowed a total of 5 activity absences per semester in each class period. It is the responsibility of each student to communicate with their teacher to get assignments prior to any activity absence. This will be done with a Borah Choir Activity Absence Form provided by Mrs. Ray with each event.

Academic Eligibility: It is very important that each student keep their grades in all classes at a "C" or above. Failure to do so may prevent a choir member from participating in an event requiring an activity absence (festivals, tours, retreats, etc.)

What does it cost to do choir, and can the students do fundraisers?

There will be opportunities for students to raise the necessary funds throughout the course of the year for choir shirts and trips. All money raised will be credited to the choir program as a whole. Participation in fundraisers is optional, but participation in co-curricular performances is expected and every effort by, both the student and parent, should be made to help raise funds needed. Both students and parents will work with Mrs. Ray throughout the year to begin considering how these financial obligations will be met. Lack of funds will not exclude any student from participation in events, presuming they have made a genuine effort to participate in fund-raising events and communicated financial needs.

What is the Infinite Campus Parent Portal?

This website will allow you to view information about your child’s school attendance, grades, class assignments and more.

What do the letters in the Infinite Campus gradebook mean?

Check out the Choir Handbook- grading section- on this website about grading for a full explanation.

What can I do if my student has a missing / incomplete assignment?

Check out the Choir Handbook- grading section- on this website about grading for a full explanation.

Please encourage your student to review their returned graded work to see what they did not finish. They can come see me for help or further instruction to complete the work and earn back some credit.