Weekly Calendar

Quarter 3 Essential Question:

How do our choices affect others?

Resources for Persuasive Essays:

Persuasive Essay grading rubric

Video: MLA Format for Citing Evidence

This Week's Calendar:

Monday, 3/4 Bloom Ball Project: Circle panels 6 & 7

Tuesday, 3/5 Bloom Ball Project: Circle panels 8 & 9

Wednesday, 3/6 Schoolwide Student Survey

Bloom Ball Project: Circle panels 10 & 11

Thursday, 3/7 Bloom Ball Project: Circle panel 12

Friday, 3/8 C's or Better Movie/Study Hall Periods 2-4

Continue with project periods 1, 6 & 8

Monday, 2/25 Skin I'm In: Discuss which event "Fire" or "Fight" is turning point Read: Ch.29-30

Misfits: Complete the last chapters/Complete Resolution on Narrative Arc

Tuesday, 2/26 Skin I'm In: Complete Novel (Ch. 31-32) Add Resolution to Narrative Arc

Misfits: Read Author's 10th Anniversary/ Choose 3 discussion topics at end of novel and write a response.

Wednesday, 2/27 Introduce Bloom Ball Summative Project/ Grading Rubric and begin panel #1

Thursday, 2/28 Bloom Ball Project Panel #2 and #3

Friday, 3/1 Bloom Ball Project Panel #4 and #5

Tuesday, 2/19 Skin I'm In novel group: Read Ch. 20-22 and write poem (poem example p. 124)

Misfits novel group: Read Ch. 21-23/ Add Rising Action Events to Narrative Arc

Wednesday, 2/20 Skin I'm In group: Complete poem assigned yesterday and share in whole group discussion

Misfits group: Read Ch. 24-25/ Write prediction about how the speech will go and what will happen next.

Thursday, 2/21 Skin I'm In group: Read Ch. 24-26 as a whole group w/Mrs. Boersig

Misfits Group: Read Ch. 26-27 Whole Group and and add the Climax to the Narrative Arc/Predict Falling Action

Friday, 2/22 Skin I'n Group: Read Ch. 27-28 Whole Group and discuss events of the chapter

Misfits Group: Read Ch. 28-30 Whole Group

Monday, 2/4 Continue with novels and written response, reflection and literature circle roles/discussion

Skin I'm In: Complete "Advice for Char" letter and turn in for grade / Read chapters 12 & 13

The Misfits: Complete chapter 12 &13/ Lit. Circle group discussion with Mrs. Boersig

Tuesday, 2/5 Whole class lesson on simile and metaphor and introduce contest/ Back chapter hunt

Wednesday, 2/6 Skin I'm In: Chapter 14 and Miss Saunders description and portrait

The Misfits: Read chapters 14 & 15 and complete Response/Reflection sheet for these chapters

Thursday, 2/7 Skin I'm In: Read chapter 15 and vocabulary ch. 10-20 practice

The Misfits: Read chapter 16/ Vocabulary practice ch. 10-20

Friday, 2/8 Skin I'm In: Read chapters 15 & 16/ Add events to Rising Action on Narrative Arc

The Misfits: Meet with Mrs. Boersig to discuss content as begin Chapter 17 Read chapter with me and discuss.

Monday, 1/21 NO school

Tuesday, 1/22 Meet in novel groups w/Mrs. Boersig for discussion

Read Chapter 4 and Read/Respond/Reflect

Wednesday, 1/23 Vocabulary Practice: Create Flashcards or Crossword Puzzle

Thursday, 1/24 Chapter 5

Time to Talk Cards w/Group discussion

Friday, 1/25 Vocab warm-up

Slap It! Vocabulary Game

Thomas Burdick: Class Narratives

Monday, 1/14 Begin novel groups: The Skin I'm In & The Misfits

"Pass the Vocabulary" in groups w/new novel vocabulary

Tuesday, 1/15 Share vocab from yesterday in groups

Novel Groups/Chapter 1 -Read/Respond/Reflect

Wednesday, 1/16 Complete Chapter 1 Read/Respond/Reflect

Group discussion with teacher

Thursday, 1/17 Individualized vocabulary practice

Chapter 2: Read/Respond/Reflect

Friday, 1/18 Mrs. Boersig gone-Guest Teacher

Chapter 3-Read/Respond/Reflect

Monday, 1/7 Return EOC's and write Q3 Goals

Tuesday, 1/8 New Essential Question for Quarter 3

Decision Scenario Cards

Wednesday, 1/9 Purge binders/Keep important resources & information

Share EOC exemplar and identify components on page 1 of rubric

Create your "Ripple of Influence"

Thursday, 1/10 Share EOC exemplar and identify components on page 2 of rubric

Vocabulary Pretest for new novel

Friday, 1/11 Share EOC exemplar and identify components on page 3 of rubric

Picture vocabulary with words missed on pretest

Tuesday, 1/8

Finish the movie The Good Lie and continue writing EOC Entomophagy essays

Monday, 11/26 Jigsaw Activity/ Poster in Small Groups: Article #2 "How Entomophagy Works"

Tuesday, 11/27 Complete Posters and Carousel Share w/Note Catchers

Wednesday, 11/28 Works Cited Page Tree Map and Practice

Thursday, 11/29 Mr. Lane (counselor) Pathways to Success Presentation

Friday, 11/30 Claim Statement, Philosophical Chairs and begin Flee Map for Entomophagy Persuasive Essay


  • Inquiry Project Make-up presentations
  • Introduce new project: Spooky Stories in Google Classroom

, 10/23 Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:30-6:00

  • Choose Spooky Story topic from 4 choices and collect facts or write rough draft

, 10/24 Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:30-6:00

  • Continue writing spooky stories


  • Complete Rough Draft and begin Final Project work for Spooky Stories (Small book or rectangular table tent)

Friday, 10/26

NO School

Monday 10/15

  • Finish adding evidence to Flee Map using quote or paraphrase with MLA in-text citations
  • Type final draft of Uniform Persuasive Essay in Google Classroom using flee map as a guide

Tuesday, 10/16

Continue to type final draft of Uniform Persuasive Essay in Google Classroom

Wednesday, 10/17

Final Draft of Uniform Essays due at the beginning of Class-Turn In in Google Classroom

  • Begin Inquiry Project Presentations Check Due Date Bulletin Board in classroom for your assigned presentation date

Thursday, 10/18

Day 2 of Inquiry Project Presentations Check Due Date Bulletin Board in classroom for your assigned presentation date

Friday, 10/19

  • Periods 2-4 "C's or Better" Movie for 7th grade at the Overland Country Club Theater *(Those students with D's/F's stay in study hall to complete assignments and retake assessments)
  • Period 1, 6, 8 Pictionary: Use drawing to communicate/Complete unfinished essays

Monday 10/8

  • Add 3 reasons that can be supported with evidence to Uniforms Flee Map
  • Star the supporting evidence in the Uniforms articles
  • Add transitions or transitional phrases to paragraphs 2-4

Tuesday, 10/9

Wednesday, 10/10

  • MLA format video with guided notes
  • Set up format for final draft in Google Classroom

Thursday, 10/11

  • MLA parenthetical citations and works sited page video
  • Properly paraphrasing and quoting evidence
  • Using starred evidence in Uniform articles, write evidence to include in essay including parenthetical citations

Friday, 10/12

Use Flee Map as to type final draft of essay in Google Classroom

Monday 10/1

  • Color code 5 paragraph essay Flee Map
  • Color code student essay example to identify parts

Tuesday, 10/2

  • What is a hook? Practice identifying and writing

Wednesday, 10/3

Thursday, 10/4

  • Transition Words/Phrases & Reasons with Evidence

Friday, 10/5

  • Practice identifying and writing conclusions that restate the claim statement using different words

Monday 9/24

  • Complete Tree Map of Uniforms: Pros & Cons
  • Read Article #1 in assigned group using critical reading strategies and fill in T Chart with article evidence

Tuesday, 9/25

  • Complete T Chart
  • Analyze bar graph as a group: Students around the US vote Yes or No for Uniforms

Wednesday, 9/26

Thursday, 9/27

  • Persuasive Essay Pretest Activity: Build a Persuasive Essay using its basic components

Friday, 9/28 Mrs. Boersig out today for South Camping Trip = Guest Teacher

  • Watch videos on the art of persuasion Video 1
  • Color Code the parts of an persuasive essay on Flee Map
  • Watch video on Plagiarism and fill in information in note catcher

Monday 9/17

  • Finishing touches on project
  • Written reflection about self expression in art and the project process

Tuesday, 9/18

  • Inside/Outside Circle project share
  • Written reflection of process and inquiry questions

Wednesday, 9/19

  • Poetry share: Gallery Walk with note catcher for analysis

Thursday, 9/20

  • Begin Persuasive Essay Unit: Pros & Cons of Uniforms
  • Class Continuum
  • Individual and Group TREE Map of pros/cons

Friday, 9/21

  • Growth Mindset: Neuron Bump Activity

Monday, 9/10

  • Introduce Quarter 1 Inquiry Project Choices (Accelerated Required/GE Choice= +25 extra credit points)
  • Write " I Am From" Project Due Dates in planner
  • Go over the spicy, medium and mild choices for the "I Am From"/ "I Am" writing project
  • Choose an "I Am From"or " I Am" template and begin filling in the information in pencil

Tuesday, 9/11

  • Hand out directions/information for Q1 Inquiry Projects
  • Mini Lesson Review: What is a Metaphor?
  • Complete the poem template chosen yesterday

Wednesday, 9/12

Thursday, 9/13

  • Continue work on Final Draft of poem in Google Classroom
  • Continue work on "about me" silhouette collage with magazine cut-outs

Friday, 9/14 "I Am From" projects due end of class today

  • Complete Final draft of poem in Google Classroom (TURN IN and print)
  • Complete Silhouette collage and turn in