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Freshman students in the ninth Grade who earned a cumulative 3.75 or above in eighth grade will be contacted in September and invited to join the South Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society. This club is designed to create future leaders in our communities by upholding the 5 pillars of membership which include Character, Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Citizenship. Students who join the club are asked to participate in community service and fulfill leadership roles through various activities and fundraisers at school. Due to Covid-19 volunteering will be postponed until it is deemed safe for students to be out in the community.

It takes only one person, performing one act of kindness, to start a ripple effect that has the potential to bring happiness and connectedness to a countless number of people.

What ripple will you start today?

Welcome to the page for all the information about the

South Junior High Chapter of the

National Junior Honor Society!

The South Chapter is comprised of ninth grade students who have met the requirements in the areas of leadership, character, scholarship, citizenship and service. In this club, like-minded students hone their leadership abilities while giving back to their communities through volunteering.

Student Members: All information for Fall Semester 2020 can be found in our Google Classroom

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2020-2021 South Chapter

National Junior Honor Society Advisor

Karyn Boersig

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Current Opportunities:

Rake Up Boise

Wreath Making Committee for Festival of Trees

Year Round Opportunities (not available during pandemic) (Office) (Website) (208) 345 - 8330 (Website) (208) 429 - 6520