Hillside Student Council

Dear students,

First of all, I must say that it was a delight and an honor to meet all of you and get to know you. All of you have strengths and talents that will make Hillside a great place to be next year! Thank you for putting yourself out there. All of you displayed wonderful courage as you answered the questions. Thank you for trying your best and giving quality answers.

Here are the names of Hillside's 2022/23 Student Council Members:

Logan Olsen

Gaven Shepherd

Paige Sadler

Elyse Dapsauski,

Polly McAllister

Trevor Hilliard

Anja Rutte

Mallory Hansen

Milly Caldwell

Chas Bradley

Justice Newstrand

Have a good night,

Jonathan Stadtlander

Student Council Leader

Hillside Junior High School

Here to make the junior high experience better for all students.