Suncrest Middle School Arctic Academy

How to prepare for Arctic Academy:

Before an Arctic Academy Day:

    1. On a Chromebook, open your Google Drive ( and create a folder for this year's Arctic Academy lessons.
    2. Using the folders below, find one of your teacher's folders (some teachers have multiple folders for multiple classes--select the one that you're in).
    3. Once you can see all lessons, select them all (ctrl + a), right click, and select "Make a copy."
    4. In the bottom left corner, you will see a black box with a copying message. Wait until the files have been copied, then click "Locate" to view your copies. (Or find them by clicking "Recent" on the left sidebar.)
    5. Once you can view your own copies, right click, and select "Move to." Select the Arctic Academy that you created for this year (Step 1), and click the blue "Move here" button.
    6. Repeat for each class.
    7. Once you have moved all lessons in your Arctic Academy folder, open your blue file folder in your apps (titled "Files).
    8. Locate any non-Google files (i.e. Word, PDF, .JPEG), right-click each one and select "Available offline."

Watch this quick video for steps 1-5.

What to do on an Arctic Academy Day:

On an Arctic Academy Day:

    1. Open those folders from this page OR from your Files app under "Shared with me." If WiFi is not available, open the Arctic Academy folder, which you made available offline, in the step above.
    2. Open ALL of the files labeled "Day 1," "Day 2," etc. based on the Arctic Academy Day announcement.
    3. Follow your teacher's instructions to complete and turn in your assignments for that day.
  • If you need assistance, please send your teacher a message through Schoology, email your teacher following the website directory, or contact the main office at 304-291-9335.

Arctic Academy Lessons