Girls on the Run…

is so much FUN!

By: Marissa, Patriot Press Staff Writer

Girls on the Run is a program for girls in grade three through five to make new friends and learn how to be a good friend. The program runs for ten weeks and ends with a 5K race. At Mylan Park the GOTR season begins on March 12th and meets twice a week.

GOTR helps encourages girls to be the best they can be. Girls on the run or GOTR is a program of fitness and teaches girls to be brave. GOTR girls learn about star power. Star power is an act of kindness. But the most important thing girls learn is to be kind. Ms. V (GOTR Coach) said “I like meeting twice a week with girls and getting to know them.”

At the beginning of practice, the girls get a snack and fill up their water bottles. Then the girls sit in a circle with their friends for the daily lesson. Sometimes the girls will run outside or inside depending on the weather. Rhiannon (fifth grader) said”I like making new friends and doing fun activities” At the end of every practice there is a group cheer to celebrate girls on the run and how hard they practiced. At the end of the season, girls make t-shirts and sign them to remember all the friends they made during the season.

Girls on the Run will inspire girls to run now and forever!

Pictures by Mrs. Mattern GOTR Head Coach (2018).

Code Like A Girl is an after school activity club for girls who want to know about coding and maybe inspire them to be a coder when they grow up. Mrs. Reaves stays after school every Monday to teach girls different things about coding. Coding club began on November 27th and runs through the end of March.

At the club, the girls bring their own snack and while the girls are eating Mrs. Reaves plays a video of something the girls are learning about in class. She also shows videos of famous girl coders. In one of the coding lessons the girls learned about loops. They were lucky enough to hear from Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook first hand about loops.

Then Mrs. Reaves and the girls dive into the days lesson. The first lesson the girls did was pretend to lead robots to pick up and move cups. There was a paper of the directions the robot could understand and the robot had to follow the algorithm the person wrote to stack the cups correctly.

In most of the coding lessons, girls work through lessons on Code.org. There are challenges each day and then they move on to the harder levels. Mrs. Reaves will help you or girls can work with a friend to “partner code” to complete the lesson.

To finish the day, Mrs. Reaves gives the girls a minute to write one thing they learned in their coding journal. Then all the girls come to the rug to share what they wrote. “We get to share what we learned and it’s really fun” said Paychence, 4th grader.

Reflecting on Code Like A Girl, Mrs. Reaves said; “I really enjoy working with the girls each week. I am so proud of how they have grown as future leaders in this ever changing technological world. I can’t wait to see where this experience coding will take them.”

Images courtesy of Mrs. Reaves and @MylanPatriots Twitter page.

Code Like A Girl

Girls participate in after school Girls Only Coding Club.

By: Samatha, Patriot Press Staff Writer

Images Courtesy of @MylanPatriots and @gordongee on Twitter (2017.)

Code Like a Boss

Mylan Park participates in the Hour of Code.

By: Lydia, Patriot Press Staff Writer

On December 8th 2017 Mylan Park Elementary participated in its first Hour of Code Day. The school partnered with the WVU Center for STEM Education and Code.org. The morning started with an assembly to kick off the day in the gym. We heard from speakers like; E.Gordon Gee, Gayle Manchin, Dr. Gay Stewart and Amanda Jelsema and more! They got everyone very excited for the day!

All grades K-5 participated doing different coding activities from the Code.org website. Briley in Mrs.Lowes class age 7 said “I think it was fun, I liked it a lot!” Sadie in Mrs.Yost class said, “It was fun, but challenging!”

What is coding? Coding is a list of instructions to tell something what to do. In coding, you write an algorithm to program a computer to do what you want.

During the week of code at Mylan Park, coding was featured on the Mylan Minute as well as teachers getting involved in the fun. In Art, students made coding bow ties to welcome E.Gordon Gee and wear to the assembly. It was a school wide effort.

Coding is a learning activity, but is also fun. You can try out more activities for yourself on code.org and scratch.mit.edu.

Keep calm and code on!

Space Gal in School!

TV Show Host and Author visits Mylan Park.

By Macen, Patriot Press Staff Writer

On Wednesday, November 8th, 2017, a host of a TV show, an author and a space gal named Emily Calandrelli visited Mylan Park. There was an assembly and Emily came in and talked about her book series, and who she is. She told us about people including Justin Bieber, becoming an astronaut, and that Bill Nye the Science Guy is her boss.

Emily has two books. The first one is called "Ada Lace On The Case," and the second one is called "Ada Lace Sees Red." “The book was good.” Said Dallas, 5th Grade. The show that Calandrelli hosts is called "Xploration Outer Space," where Emily goes to some agency facilities, private companies and universities to talk with people about what’s out there to "show off the coolest aspects of the space industry," to use her words.

Emily was born May 18th, 1987, in Morgantown WV. She attended West Virginia University. While attending the University, Emily became a Truman Scholar, which led her to working in DC, one summer. Emily was also able to attain 2 internships at NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). In 2009, she was voted for Ms. Mountaineer at WVU for extracurricular activities, and scholarly work. Later, she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering. Then she attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2013, Emily graduated with a Masters in Technology and Policy and Masters in Aeronautics and Astronautics.

You can watch Emily’s show on FOX, and make sure to check out her books! They’re a blast! (Get it?)

Emily's visit to Mylan Park (Pictures courtesy of Mrs. Reaves 2017)

Fall Festival Extravaganza

Spooky fun for everyone.

By: Sean, Patriot Press Staff Writer

The Fall Festival is a celebration Mylan Park Elementary has every year. This year the Fall Festival was on October 20th.The Fall Festival is full of fun games and amazing prizes. The fall festival is where you and your friends can have a fun time.

This year there was a slime making station, a haunted maze made of cardboard boxes, a bouncy house,a bowling station and a picture spot for family photos.

The Fall Festival has lots of food every year.They have candy, nachos and cheese, pizza and cotton candy.

On display in the gym were the pumpkins that Mylan Park Elementary student’s made. The pumpkins were part of the Storybook pumpkin patch contest. The overall winner’s were displayed in the car rider bay showcases.This year’s grand prize winner was Charlotte Barber in Kindergarten with her "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" inspired pumpkin.

The Fall Festival had so many amazing things to experience.

Photos by: Mrs. Reaves (2017)


This week on the Mylan Park Minute students and teachers pledged to "stand up" for one another and not be a bystander but be an "Up Stander" in our school and in our community to combat bullying.

Join the movement.

Patriot Leaders pledge to #BeAnUpStander

The Buddy Bench

An interview with Ms. V about the buddy bench

Written By: Rylan, Patriot Press Staff Writer

Ms.V sits with me on the buddy bench. (Photo taken by Jerrod 5th grade)

I interviewed Ms.V about the buddy bench on October 2, 2017. “The buddy bench is a tool which helps students make new friends, make a plan to have a good recess, and be a good friend to others.” said Ms. V.

The buddy bench is somewhere you go when you don't have anyone to play with on the playground. Then someone will come and ask you if you want to play with them. You should say “yes” and see if you like what they are playing.

“Students have learned that they can sit on the bench and that signals to others that they would like a new friend to play with at recess. Students also know that they can also be bench watchers to look out for students sitting on the buddy bench to invite them to play.” said Ms. V.

Ms.V likes that the bench “provides an opportunity for students to problem solve, take charge of their recess to have a great time, and to meet new friends.”

So, why do we have the buddy bench? “At Mylan Park we want students to feel loved and supported. We want students to make and have great friends and the buddy bench is a tool which helps to make these things happen.” said Ms. V.

The buddy bench is a place you can go to and make new friends.

Our Principal

An Interview with Mrs. Lupo

By: Sean, Patriot Press Staff Writer

Mrs. Lupo smiles at her desk. (Lupo 2017)

I interviewed our Principal Mrs. Lupo about what it is like to be the principal of our school.

She said that she has to do a lot of work in the summer to keep the school running. She talked about how they repainted the school with Patriot colors and put in new floors in some parts of the school. She also worked on schedules, buying new things for the school and she hired new teachers. She worked all summer to do make our school awesome.

In order to be principal she needed 4 years of college. She graduated with a degree in Education and then went back to college to get a Master's Degree.

Mrs. Lupo does what she can to make the school a better place everyday. She offers free breakfast to all students. She comes in classrooms to make sure everyone is doing the right thing even when no one is looking. She goes to important meetings to meet with other principals. She works hard everyday to keep our school running.

Mrs. Lupo works hard to improve our school so we can all be safe and successful.

Picture of the Scholastic Book Fair (Lydia 2017)

Books Everywhere at the Book Fair

Book Fair visits Mylan Park

By: Lydia, Patriot Press Staff Writer

The book fair at Mylan Park will be open September 22 during grandparent breakfast. For children, browsing days will be from September 25 and 26. Children can buy books September 27-29th.

Some books found at the book fair will be Spencer Quinn's "Bow Wow", also "Dog man a Tale of Two Kitties" by Dav Pilkey. A few books for the younger kids could be, "Pete the Cat and The Tip Top tree house", or "I'm a Frog" from the Elephant and Piggie series. This information was found in the Scholastic Book Fair flyer that went home with each student.

A recommended book for fifth graders is “Ugly” by Robert Hoge. The Book Fair flyer says it's “Perfect for wonder fans!” Last year, every fourth grade class read the book, "Wonder."

Alisha 5th Grader said, “ I think it’s a great opportunity for kids who can't go to the bookstore.” A fellow Mylan park student, Sadie 5th Grader said, “ I like how you can purchase the books and keep them rather than just checking the out of the library.”

The book fair is a great place to buy books that you just can’t put down!

The Patriot Press

Mylan Park Elementary 2017