Instructions for Teachers

How to add Arctic Academy assignments to our shared Google Drive:

  1. Open your teacher folder in our shared drive.
  2. Create a new folder for each different course you teach.
  3. Save all assignments for the 5 Arctic Academy days into the couse folders.
    • Please name each assignment with: (class name) day (#) (document title). For example:
      • GenCompApps day 1 instructions.gdoc
      • GenCompApps day1 graphing data.gsheet
      • HonBiology day 3 DNA technology article response.gslides
    • I strongly recommend using Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and/or Drawings as your files. These types are most easily opened and edited offline on Chromebooks.
  4. Be sure to include instructions on turning each assigment in.
    • A Schoology Assignment will allow students to submit electronic files (either from home or when they return to school & internet connection)
    • I am placing a how-to for submitting assignments to Schoology on the main landing page for students.
  5. Create Schoology Assignments for the FIRST Arctic Academy day.
    • You just need a title (Arctic Academy Day 1) and category.
    • Don't select a due date for these assignments.
    • The rest of the AA day assignments can be added to Schoology as needed.
    • Keep these simple. They are just a place to turn in completed work, not a duplication of the instructions/documents/etc.