CBHS Scheduling: 2018-19

Welcome to the scheduling page for Clay-Battelle High School 2018-19

This page will be your one stop for all scheduling needs for next school year.

Important dates:

  • Wednesday 2/7: MTEC presentation
  • Monday 2/12: Advisement credit checks and planning your coming year(s), including filling out your credit check and course request worksheets.
  • Monday 2/26: Submit your updated course requests (final scheduling will occur on CAP day)
  • Monday 3/26: Schedule building based on draft master schedule. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to test this draft master schedule. (final scheduling will occur on CAP day)
  • Monday 4/9:
    • Schedule building based on the updated draft master schedule. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page! You will get a copy of your responses in your Google email (visit gmail.com on your Chromebook to view it).
  • Monday 4/23:
    • Complete a draft Personalized Education Plan (PEP). A final PEP will be completed and signed on CAP day.
      • Please right click to download the form.
      • Right click the form in your Files app and open with "Viewer".
      • Save a copy by "printing" and saving to PDF.
      • You can also print on paper (you will do this on CAP day)
    • Please review your draft schedule on the form below and re-submit it with any changes you would like.
  • Friday April 27: Career Action Plan (CAP) day! Each student will need a parent or guardian to attend. We will schedule next year's courses and plan for the rest of your High School career!

Check back here to always get the most current version

The following course was left out of the course description booklet:

  • 101310, 101320 Restaurant and Culinary Foundations - This course focuses on the basic preparation and service of safe food, basic introduction to industry safety standards, basic introduction to restaurant equipment, kitchen essentials in knife skills, stocks and sauces, and communication concepts in the restaurant industry. Students utilize problem-solving techniques and participate in hands-on activities to develop an understanding of course concepts.

Programs of Study:

These documents tell you what courses are required to graduate and to complete your selected course of study:

Check back here to always get the most current version

  • Additions, Changes and Reminders:
    • Ms. Trent will now be teaching Film Studies in place of Creative Writing 8th period!
    • Mrs. Haught and Mr. Soderholm will be co-teaching 6th period: General Computer Applications. This will focus on using technology tools to investigate real-world questions solve real-world problems. This is an elective open to all grades.
    • "Studio Art," intended for students interested in AP Art next year, is now called "Fine Arts Drawing & Painting Techniques" (5th period, Mrs. Bowers).
    • Please keep in mind that Band, Chorus and Theater are performance-based classes. All students in these classes are expected to participate fully in on-stage performances including outside the regular school day.

Use the form below and your DRAFT master schedule to select classes for next year. Use the "pop out" button at the top right of the form if you're having trouble seeing all the options.