Clay-Battelle Arctic Academy & Beyond!

Welcome to Clay-Battelle's Arctic Academy & Beyond page.

  1. STUDENTS, before an Arctic Academy day... (this can be done on any computer, even if it's not your Chromebook)
    1. Create an Arctic Academy folder on your Chromebook.
    2. Below, click to open the folder for each teacher you have through the day.
    3. Open the folder for a class that you take.
    4. Select all files inside that folder (ctrl + a)
    5. Right-click and choose "Make a Copy." The documents will all save in YOUR Google Drive.
    6. Keep going until you have all of your classes copied to My Drive.
    7. Use your FIles app or Google drive to drag and drop your Arctic Academy files into your Arctic Acadmy folder.
  2. Before Arctic Academy day, make sure you can get to your documents without internet... (This must be on YOUR Cromebook. You may NOT see the "available offline" option for google files if you already set your Chromebook to keep them available offline. Don't fret if this happens!)
    1. Open your Arctic Academy folder in your Files app.
    2. Select all the files inside (ctrl + a)
    3. Right-click the files and select "available offline."
  3. On an Arctic Academy Day...
    1. Open ALL of the files labeled "day 1," "day 2," etc. based on the Arctic Academy Day announcement.
    2. Follow your teacher's instructions to complete and turn in your assignments for that day.

NOTE: EXCEL Center students, please check your Google Classroom for those assignments.

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