Welcome to BraveheartPoodles

We no longer breed Toy Poodles. We made this decision back in 2010. It was a difficult decision to make as these little bundles of joy brought us so much into our hearts and our home. And through them, we loved hearing from you and watching them bring that same joy to your homes and families.

Thank you everyone for your love and friendship. And a special thanks to all those who opened their homes and hearts to one of our puppies in letting them become part of your family and memories.

Please feel free to join us on our new Braveheart Adventure we started in 2020. Where we bring our memory on the road. Here you will see the travels of New England and beyond and you may even catch a glimpse of the dogs that travel with us in our videos.


Please enjoy our History below, and don't forget to click on some of the photo albums below as well for a look back. And if you happened to adopt one of our puppies in the past, you may even seen them there.

Photo Albums

Our Puppies:
Just some photos of our puppies over the years. They will include some of the parents. It's half the fun.

Our Adults: Those that have been parents in our home to our puppies. (work in progress)

Our History

We are sad to announce the passing of our Tybo. Tybo has sired many of our beloved poodle puppies over our time breeding. He will be sorely missed. Please read his dedication on our Rainbow Bridge.


Back in 2010, we officially stopped breeding these little bundles of joy. But we always wanted to retain some of the history into the joy the times brought us, and so many of you. Please enjoy some of the history of BraveheartPoodles, the ways we did what we did, the reasons we did, and the photos along the way. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being part of our family.

"We don't want to JUST breed...

we want to make a difference in someone's life!"

We took those words seriously. We wanted to leave an impact in our home, and in the homes of so many other families that entered our lives.

Anything worth doing is worth doing the right way!

Please stop by and visit our Rainbow Bridge. We originally dedicated it to our own Sonny James, and have seen it sadly grow as our adults and extended members have joined the list.

The gang was always where we were. They were part of our family and our lives. They slept where we slept, and lived in our home. The WERE our family and our home.

Feeding time was no different.