The Issues page goes over the majority of the issues that I'm aware of from owning this car. It may not be comprehensive, and I cannot guarantee that it is an exhaustive list of all problems that may exist. It's meant to provide some guidance with regard to the overall condition of the car.

The most important issue to note is that this car has broken head stud and will require a top-end rebuild. This is an expensive repair, although a rebuilt Mezger 3.2 with a G50 transmission is a great thing to possess in the end, and will provide years of pleasure!

This 911 has had some body work in its past. This happened before I owned the car, but it is clear that at least the left rear quarter panel was repaired and shows some signs of either rust or bondo lifting from the previous repair. This spot has remained exactly like it appears in the photo since I purchased the car in 2012. Besides the quarter panel, the roof and cowl were also repainted as was the driver's door. Many parts of the car's finish are oxidized, and the rubber is original and would benefit from replacement.

The right rocker panel is damaged. The oil line beneath the quarter panel is also slightly crimped.

I have a replacement rocker panel to include with the sale of this car.

The right headlight lens is cracked.

The A-pillar shows a crack in the paint in the lower left corner that is likely related to when the roof and cowl were repainted. Note the mirrors are also weathered.

The crest is weathered and missing part of its gasket. Note that the paint is oxidized.

The left rocker panel is missing the end cap. I may have this part in my garage, but I was not yet able to find it. Tire condition is good.

The drivers seat is torn. The passenger seat is not and is in good condition.

The dash cover is cracked.

The bolts beneath the rear bumper rubber are rusted, and causing the rubber to lift from the bumper. There is a similar thing happening with the front bumper rubber.

Two of the wheels have some curb rash.

The fuel gauge is not working correctly.

Rear seat belts missing some cosmetic trim.

Air Conditioning is not working currently.