Upcoming Events

The Instagram page for the Freshman class is bmr.2022 and the twitter page is 2022Blackstone!


End of the year events included Class Elections please see the about our class section for winners.

Summer fundraiser- Summer fun for elementary students: TBD

Summer Reading- https://bmrsummerassignments.weebly.com/


No events happened in April


Winter Ball has been canceled


In February we were very successful as a class we had a Valentines day fundraiser for the Blackstone elementary school! Our class all together raised a large amount of money for future events.


We had no events in the month of January :(

*But we did crush midterms!*


In our month of December we participated in many new events. We went to our first pep rally and placed 4th and our brave officers and other students took on the pep rally dance which everyone seemed to enjoy!


  • Stay tuned for a potential Thanksgiving activity for elementary students.

For October 15-19, 2018

  • Class officers will be collecting class dues.
  • Payment and Reward Options
    • $15 (for this semester) - receive a candy
    • $30 (for the entire year) - first 3 students are entered to win a $5 Dunkin Gift Card
    • $120 (for all 4 years) - first 12 students are entered to win a $10 Dunkin Gift Card