We are the Charm City Track and Field Council (CCTFC). We are a non-profit, located in Baltimore Maryland, currently functioning as a fundraising organization in support of youth track & field and cross country in the metropolitan Baltimore area. Participation in sports by children and adolescents is associated with a range of documented physical, emotional, social, educational, and other benefits that can last into adulthood. However, many young people opt out of a sustained experience, while others are without resources or access to community programs. The mission of the Charm City Track and Field Council is to provide financial resources and volunteer efforts to promote:

(A) Diversity and inclusion in program participation, without regard to race, gender, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, sexual identity, or economic status.

(B) Healthy lifestyles and character development, emphasizing physical fitness, mental health, core values and life skills, such as perseverance, accountability, teamwork, and social responsibility.