Vic Bears - Article II Initiative.

Post date: Feb 19, 2012 12:16:49 AM

Vicbears have started an initiative to cultivate theatre, media and images throughout the bear and wider community.... and they call it "Article II".

1. What is the ARTicle II initiative?

"The ARTicle II Initiative" is a trial project co-ordinated by VicBears Inc for the purpose of providing resources and support to artists in producing and presenting pieces featuring narratives, themes and images related to “Bears” and “The Bear Community” for display to the general, wider GBLTIQ and Bear Communities.

2. Why call it ARTicle II?

ARTicle II takes its name from the second article of the VicBears' Mission Statement:

To promote an awareness and an attitude of acceptance within the GLBTI community and the general community to our lifestyles and our contributions to the community.”

The ARTicle II Initiative is a strategy to achieve these outcomes through the creative arts.

3. What are the key values of this initiative?

Representation: To create images, narratives and themes which are under-represented in Victoria, Australia's current cultural landscape and to provide a platform in which they may be shared and celebrated.


Voice: To encourage Bear (as defined by our mission statement) artists opportunities to share their own stories and ideas in their own voices

4. Who is in charge of this project?

ARTicle II is overseen by the Arts Coordinator, who reports directly to the VicBears Committee of Management.

5. How can I get involved?

All people participating in the initiative must be fully-paid and current VicBears Members.

VicBears will advertise via its website and social media when opportunities to participate including cast, extra or technical roles arise. To be added to the ARTicle II mailing list, please email

6. Is ARTicle II an arts grant or a loan?

Both and Neither. Much like any other VicBears organised event, approved projects will be subject to an action plan and a budget. Large pre-approved expenses can be paid from the club's treasury. Smaller or unexpected expenses incurred may be claimed back with receipts.

7. Who owns ARTicle II events?

Creative ownership remains squarely with the original artist and/or copywrite holder.

ARTicle II events are branded as “VicBears ARTicle II” events with all fiscal proceeds generated to be directed back towards the club's treasury so it may be invested towards future ARTicle II projects or towards a mutually agreed upon charity. Directors and actors may be eligible for remuneration on a “profit-share” basis.

8. What resources are available?

Under the initiative, VicBears may be able to provide both financial and non-financial resources. Including but not limited to:

Financially: Venue Hire, Lighting Hire, Chair Hire, Registration Fees, Royalties, Costumes, Props, Sets, Marketing/Advertising.

Access to other VicBears resources – assistance in graphics and design, advertising on the VicBears website, newsletter and social media, access to VicBears' press resources, assistance in casting and finding rehearsal/studio space.

All applications will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

9.Who can I contact about ARTicle II?

Please send all enquiries to our Arts Co-Ordinator, Jack Chapman at

10. I have an idea for a production, what can I do?

Please contact Rob Camm, VicBears President or a VicBears committee member and discuss your project. After recieving tentative approval, you will need to submit a proposal including a working draft/statement of intention, comprehensive action plan and budget.