Free Bearz Social Website

Post date: Jul 28, 2010 10:48:59 PM

It's brand new and it's all free. it's not a sex site, it's a friend site. It's just for

bears and friends of bears! The site is great! But it doesn't have many

Australians on their yet, so sign up! There's no reason why OZ bears should

miss out on all the goodies ! NOTE: You can't search based on someone's

cock size or whether their a top or a bottom, it's based on interests, age,

and tags only! It's a very nicely put together website that can also integrate

with facebook and many other social sharing websites.

If you've ever thought that the pick-up sites are too hard to make friends on

then is a much better option for you.

From their about page: "The site has been created and is being maintained for the Gay Bear community throughout the United States and the world. As the site continues to grow we hope to add and remove features based on our communities feedback! Enjoy and Thank you for being a apart of the community!"