Beard Parade, Adelaide 19th May 2012

Post date: May 16, 2012 3:2:32 AM

Meet at the Mall's Balls at 1pm on Saturday the 19th of May 2012.

Check out the Beard Parade Facebook Page.

To all beard lovers of adelaide, we are doing a documentary about beards and adelaides appreciation for them for the university of South Australia and will be attempting to get as many bearded fellows in rundle mall as we can muster on the 19th of may [next saturday] (the record is 1800 in the uk)

It would be great if you could pass the word around to your fellow hairy ones. We will be filming at one pm till it gets dark so look for three girls with filming equiptment at the malls balls. Would love to see you there

If we could do a formation or a line so we can film everyones facial hair (make it as creative as you like) that will be great.

What were going to do is document the facial hair of south Australia so let me see some stylishness, then parade down to rymil park for fun and music.

Bring some food picnic blankets and musical instruments